MD Program

Office of Assessment and Evaluation

The Office of Assessment and Evaluation supports the MD Program with all aspects of student assessment as well as course and program evaluation. Providing expertise in psychometrics, data management and both quantitative and qualitative research, the Office consults on program-related assessment and evaluation activities with course directors, curriculum leadership and stakeholders within the Faculty, across the University and at partner institutions involved in medical education.

The Office is active within the assessment and evaluation focused committees which include the Student Assessment and Standards Committee (SASC),Test Committee, Student Progress Committee and the Program Evaluation Committee. The Office provides administrative management of MedSIS, the MD Program's learner management, scheduling and evaluation system and ExamSoft, a question bank and assessment deployment system.

Our team

Richard Pittini, Director, Program Evaluation

Glendon Tait, Director, Student Assessment

Katina Tzanetos, Associate Director, Student Assessment

Giovanna Sirianni, Faculty Lead, Workplace Based Assessment

Mahan Kulasegaram, Assessment Scientist

David Rojas, Evaluations Scientist

Joyce Nyhof-Young, Curriculum Evaluation Coordinator

Maria Mylopoulos, Curriculum Scientist

David Tihanyi, Manager, Assessment and Evaluation

Elizabeth Christy, Administrative Coordinator

Yuxin Tu, Psychometrician and Project Manager

Frazer Howard, Senior Analyst

Tamica Charles, Analyst

Pauline Pan, Student Progress Coordinator