McLaughlin Scholars - MD/PhD and CREMS

Physician Scientist TrMcLaughlin Centre LogoMcLaughlin Centre aining  at the University of Toronto recognizes the continued support of the McLaughlin Centre in the training of future Physician Scientists. The following MD/PhD students and CREMS Scholars have benefited from this generous support.

2019-20 MD/PhD McLaughlin Scholars

2019 MD/PhD McLaughlin Scholars

2018 MD/PhD McLaughlin Scholars

2017 MD/PhD McLaughlin Scholars

2016 MD/PhD McLaughlin Scholars

2020 CREMS McLaughlin Scholars

2019 CREMS McLaughlin Scholars

2018 CREMS McLaughlin Scholars

2017 CREMS McLaughlin Scholars

2016 CREMS McLaughlin Scholars

2015 CREMS McLaughlin Scholars



2020 MD/PhD McLaughlin Scholars

Josh Abraham - Dr. Karim Makhail
Matthew Carr – Dr. Freda Miller
Nicholas Light - Dr. David Malkin and Dr. Adam Shlien
Jillian Macklin - Dr. Jennifer Gibson (bioethics); Dr. Heather Ross (cardiology)
Chris McFaul - Prof. Rodrigo Fernandez-Gonzalez & Prof. Chris Yip
Andrew Mazzanti – Dr. Miguel Ramlho-Santos (start in September)
Swapna Mylabathula - Dr. Charles Tator
Robin Oh - Prof. Daniel Schramek
Pamela Psarianos – Dr. David Malkin (start in September)
Maneesha Rajora - Dr. Gang Zheng
Matthaeus Ware - Dr. Peter Dirks

2019 MD/PhD McLaughlin Scholars

Josh Abraham - Dr. Karim Makhail
Danielle Jeong (Dr. Freda Miller)
Nicholas Light - Dr. David Malkin and Dr. Adam Shlien
Jillian Macklin - Dr. Jennifer Gibson (bioethics); Dr. Heather Ross (cardiology)
Chris McFaul - Prof. Rodrigo Fernandez-Gonzalez & Prof. Chris Yip
Swapna Mylabathula - Dr. Charles Tator
Robin Oh - Prof. Daniel Schramek
Kathak Vacchani - MD Student

Maneesha Rajora - Dr. Gang Zheng

2018 MD/PhD McLaughlin Scholars

Kyle Eastwood (Dr. James Drake & Dr. Hani E. Naguib)
Jillian Macklin  (Dr. Jennifer Gibson & Dr. Heather Ross)
Swapna Mylabathula (Dr. Charles Tator)
Robin Oh (Prof. Daniel Schramek)
Prajay Shah (Dr. Taufik Valiante)
Ho Yee Wan (Dr. Loch Macdonald)
Richard Wu (Dr. Philip Sherman)
Andy Zeng (Prof. John Dick)

2017 MD/PhD McLaughlin Scholars

Robert Civitarese (Prof. Milica Radisic)
Ashish Deshwar (Prof. Ian Scott)
Jieun Kim (Prof. Peter Zandstra)
Chris McFaul (Dr. Chris Yip)
Enoch Ng (Dr. John Roder and Dr. Albert Wong)
Linda Vi (Dr. Ben Alman)
Teja Voruganti (Dr. Eva Grunfeld)
Nicholas Light (Dr. David Malkin)
Siraj Zahr (Dr. Freda Miller)
Kirill Zaslavsky (Prof. James Ellis)

2016 MD/PhD McLaughlin Scholars

Susan Armstrong (Dr. Warren Lee)
Robert Civitarese (Dr. Milica Radisic)
Chris McFaul (Dr. Victor Yang)
Enoch Ng (Dr. John Roder and Dr. Albert Wong)
Ben Ouyang (Dr. Warren Chan)
Linda Vi (Dr. Ben Alman)
Teja Vorugantu (Prof. Eva Grunfeld)
Jared Wilcox (Dr. Michael Fehlings)
Siraj Zahr (Dr. Freda Miller)

2015 MD/PhD McLaughlin Scholars

 Michael Atkins (Dr. Gordon Keller)
 Susan Armstrong (Dr. Warren Lee)
 Chris McFaul (Dr. Victor Yang)
 Swapna Mylabathula (Dr. Charles Tator)
 Ben Ouyang (Dr. Warren Chan)
 Tim Rappon (TBD)
 Ayesh Seneviratne (Dr. Aaron Schimmer)
 Hoyee Wan (Dr. Kullervo Hynynen)
 Jared Wilcox (Dr. Michael Fehlings)
 Siraj Zahr (Dr. Freda Miller)

2020 CREMS McLaughlin Scholars

Liyanage, Imindu - “Exploration of Anesthetics as Mediators of Neurodegenerative Protein Aggregation and Dementia – Maria Mylopoulos & Nikki Woods

Nouri Nejad, Daniel – “Inner ear organoids and regenerative medicine” – Alain Dabdoub

Shafa, Golsa – “Using Computer Platforms for Coaching Surgeons to Improve Technical Skills” – Alan Okrainec

Tang, Evan - “Electronic Patient Reported Outcome Measures to Improve Patient Centered Solid Organ Transplant Care” – Istvan Mucsi

Vi, Lisa – “Identifying the Target of Heart Block in Neonatal Lupus Erythematosus (NLE)” – Robert Hamilton

Zarrin, Aein - “Assessing point-of-care eNose testing to improve early detection of lung cancer and monitor disease progression during treatment” – Geoffrey Liu

2019 CREMS McLaughlin Scholars

Anders Erickson (Dr. Sunit Das)
Intracranial metastatic disease in the era of targeted therapies

Muskaan Sackdeva (Dr. Chaim Bell)
Impact of Disparities on Transitions: Home from Hospital

Manjot Sunner (Dr. Harindra Wijeysundera)
Identifying predictors of cumulative health care costs associated with Trans-Catheter Aortic Valve Implantation in severe aortic stenosis: an Inter-Provincial Evaluation

YiQin (Emily) Cheng (Dr. Camilla Zimmerman)
Novel therapeutic strategies for cardiovascular disease

ZiFan (Tony) Yang (Dr. Donna Wall)
Myeloid-derived suppressor cells as a cellular checkpoint after hematopoietic stem cell transplant

Emily Snook (Dr. Carmela Tartaglia)
Multimodal Assessment for Predicting Specific Pathological Substrate in FTLD

Chae Min (Michelle) Lee (Dr. Nancy Baxter)
Chemotherapy-induced fatty liver disease in colorectal cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy: Do statins play a role? 

Ghazal Haddad (Dr. Geoffrey Liu)
COMBIEL (Cancer Outcomes, Medicine, Biostatistics, Informatics, Epidemiology Laboratory) research projects

2018 CREMS McLaughlin Scholars

Connor Brenna (David Malkin), The Hospital for Sick Children: Pharmacologic prevention of cancer in Li-Fraumeni Syndrome
Kaneshwaran Kirusanthy (Andrew Lim),Sunnybrook Research Institute: Sleep, Circadian Rhythms and Mechanisms of Cognitive Decline in the Human Brain
Brian Earl (Donna Wall), SickKids Research Institute: Impact of pre-transplant inflammation on the host hematopoietic stem cell susceptibility to the transplant preparative regimen
Omar Khan (Michael Fehlings), Krembil Research Institute, Toronto Western Hospital, UHN: Clinical research in traumatic and non-traumatic spinal cord injury 
Honzer Chen  (James Drake), Centre of Image Guided Innovation and Therapeutic Intervention (CIGITI), SickKids Research Institute: Development and Testing of Novel Minimally Invasive Neurosurgical Tools

2017 CREMS McLaughlin Scholars

Min Joon Lee (Geoffrey Liu)

Cancer Personalized Medicine and the Patient: Patient-reported Knowledge, Preferences and Behaviours

Julia Woo (James Kennedy)

Pharmacogenetics of Medication Treatment in Neuropsychiatry

Shihab Sarwar (Phedias Diamandis)

Global Proteomic Interrogation of Neurodevelopment and Neuropathalogical Conditions

Calvin Diep (Nancy Baxter)

Initiative to Maximize Progress in Adolescent Cancer Therapy (IMPACT)

Olena Helen Genis (Thomas Forbes)

Development of a Fenestrated Stent Graft Planning Method to Reduce Device Misalignment Following Deployment

2016 CREMS McLaughlin Scholars 

Xiaohe (Diana) Sun (Dr. Marianne Koritzinsky)

The role of PRDX4 as a novel therapeutic target in breast cancer

Sarah Kanji (Dr. Daniel Mueller)

The role of the gut microbiome in schizophrenia and antipsychotic-induced metabolic side effects

Mendel Loewenthal (Dr. Andrea McCart)

Generation of novel tumor-specific vaccinia viruses

Mathew Hall (Dr. Brent Derry)

Regulation of oncogenic Ras signaling by alternative polyadenylation

Christopher Hue (Dr. Andrew Baker)

Effect of glutamate on blood brain barrier function following traumatic brain injury

2015 CREMS McLaughlin Scholars 

Anath Lionel (Dr. Stephen Scherer)

Molecular Diagnostic Yield of Chromosomal Microarry Analysis and Whole-Exome Sequencing in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. – JAMA 2015 Sep 1;314(9):895-903 doi: 10.1001/jama.2015.10078

Rageen Rajendram (Dr. Paul Arnold)

Uncovering obsessive-compulsive disorder risk genes in a pediatric cohort by high-resolution analysis of copy number variation – J Neurodev Disord. 2016 Oct 18;8:36 – PMIS: 27777633

Roman Zyla (Dr. Warren Lee)

Influenza Virus Infection Platelet-Endothelial Adhesion Which Contributes to Lung Injury  - J Viorl. 2015 Dec 4;90(4): 1812-23. Doi: 10.1128/JVI.02599-15

Weining Yang (Dr. Michael Fehlings)

Mechanistic insights and neuroprotective approaches to enhance recovery in age related degenerative spinal cord injury