Assessment - FAQ

What are the different assessment systems that are used in the MD Program?

You can find further details on the MD Program assessment and evaluation technology page.

What if I am sick and cannot write a scheduled mandatory assessment?

Students are required to report absences for all activities that are scheduled assessments by completing and submitting a U of T Verification of Illness (VOI) form found on the school absences page. 

What if my device crashes while I am writing an assessment?

Examplify creates multiple encrypted copies of the assessment every 60 seconds on the assessment taker’s hard drive. Assessment takers should perform a hard reboot of their device if they run into any issues with Examplify, they can then re-enter the assessment where they encountered the issue.


To perform a hard reboot of your device and re-enter the assessment, do the following:

-       Turn off your device (press and hold the power button), then turn your device back on.


At invigilated assessments students should inform their invigilator before performing a hard reboot. If Examplify prompts for a resume code, an invigilator will input one for you.


If an assessment taker requires technical assistance when they are writing their weekly feedback quiz:

During regular office hours: Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Contact MD Program Examplify Support

Outside of regular business hours: 

Contact ExamSoft Support 24/7 via e-mail OR call 866.429.8889 (US Toll-Free), 1.954.429.8889 (International)

How do I know that the assessment has been submitted properly?

There will be a confirmation screen on the students’ device congratulating them on successfully uploading their assessment. Ensure you see this green screen before exiting if completing a weekly feedback quiz or for invigilated assessments, show your invigilator your green screen; otherwise your assessment may not be uploaded correctly. See below:

What happens if I don’t complete a course requirement satisfactorily?


Students who are unsuccessful in completing any course requirement in Foundations will be reviewed by the Student Progress Committee, which then makes recommendations to the Board of Examiners regarding the student’s status in the course. For further details, please refer to the following policies on student progress for Foundations Curriculum students:

Standards for grading and promotion of MD students - Foundations (Years 1 and 2)
Guidelines for assessment of undergraduate medical trainees in academic difficulty - Foundations Curriculum


Students in Clerkship should review the following policies on the standards of grading, promotion and academic difficulty and speak to their course director or the clerkship director if they have any questions or concerns:

Standards for grading and promotion of MD students – Clerkship (Years 3 and 4)

Guidelines for the assessment of MD students in academic difficulty – Clerkship (Years 3 and 4)

All students should refer to the following policy on the assessment of student professionalism:

Guidelines for the Assessment of Student Professionalism

If I fail my anatomy bellringer in ITM, does that mean I fail all of ITM since there is only one bellringer?

If a Foundations Curriculum student fails any aspect of their assessment they should set up a meeting with their course director to review their performance on the assessment and determine next steps. Please review the Course Requirement document on Elentra.

At the end of each course, the student’s academic assessment data is reviewed by the Student Progress Committee, which makes recommendations to the Board of Examiners, who determine if the student has successfully completed the course “Satisfactory Progress” or has shown “Partial” or “Unsatisfactory Progress”.

To successfully complete each course, and attain a standing of “Satisfactory Progress” the student must: satisfactorily complete all marked assessments within the course; perform satisfactorily on any non-marked learning activities; and achieve satisfactory professionalism competency in every component. The Director of Foundations will contact the students who have not satisfactorily completed the anatomy assessment at the end of the course.

Does any documentation indicating lack of competence in an area of professionalism show up on the transcript for CaRMS?

Professionalism does not appear on a student’s transcript. If a student is required to complete remediation in professionalism by the Board of Examiners they would need to self-report this when asked specifically about professionalism. If the student’s remediation in professionalism is deemed as unsuccessful, it may be indicated on the Medical Student Performance Record (MSPR) as not meeting professionalism expectations. However, this decision would be made on a case by case basis.    

Do I get the answers to the weekly feedback quiz and mastery exercise questions?

Students will not be provided with correct answers; however students will receive feedback about the topics (learning objectives) which they did not answer correctly. This decision was made based on the MD program Test Committee’s research on the best practices in student assessment in medical education and its recommendation against providing students with actual questions and answers.

The rationale behind this decision is to support the role of assessment as a tool for self-appraisal and not as an end unto itself.  The results of the assessment are meant to help students identify whether they have mastered the material they covered.  If they haven't, the expectation is that they return to the source material until they have a better grasp of the content.  The MD Program has created a bank of very high quality questions that are directed at assessing not just knowledge but comprehension and application.  This requires the use of a secure and well-mapped exam bank which precludes disseminating the questions and answers.  Students are reminded that copying and disseminating questions is against university regulations.

If I fail an assessment, does it show up on my transcript for CaRMS or will CaRMS and resident programs have access to it?

No. Individual assessment component marks will never appear on transcripts or other documentation provided by the MD Program to authorized external individuals or organizations.

If I achieve partial credit for a course but then full credit after reassessment, does the partial credit show up on my transcript for CaRMS or do residency programs have access to it?

No. Final transcripts will only display Credit/No Credit (CR/NC).      

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