Teaching and Education Awards

The MD Program recognizes that teaching and mentorship are central to our success, and strives to support and recognize excellence and leadership in education. The MD Program administers the following awards:

W. T. Aikins Awards

The W. T. Aikins awards are the Faculty of Medicine's most prestigious awards for sustained commitment and excellence in undergraduate teaching.

Miriam Rossi Award for Health Equity in Undergraduate Medical Education

The Miriam Rossi award for Health Equity in undergraduate medical education aims to recognize University of Toronto MD Program faculty members and administrative staff for their commitment to diversity and health equity.

Norman Rosenblum Award for Excellence in Mentorship in the MD/PhD Program

The Norman Rosenblum award recognizes excellence in mentorship in the MD/PhD Program. In particular, the award recognizes staff, faculty members, residents or administrative staff who exhibit an exemplary level of leadership and commitment to mentorship and role modeling for MD/PhD students in the Faculty of Medicine.

Excellence in Resource Stewardship Teaching Award in the MD Program

The Excellence in Resource Stewardship Teaching Award was established in 2021. The award recognizes faculty members and postgraduate trainees (residents and fellows) who effectively mentor learners in concepts of resource stewardship and demonstrate exemplary resource stewardship in their own clinical practices.