Admissions Requirements

MD/PhD Students at Retreat Photo Credit: Ben Ouyang
Photo Credit: Ben Ouyang

The MD/PhD Program selects applicants with demonstrated academic excellence, evidence of sustained and productive research experience, and strong potential to become a physician scientist. Applicants to the MD/PhD program must meet all of the MD Program admission requirements.

A four-year undergraduate degree is required for all applicants to the MD/PhD Program. If you are applying in the third year of a four-year degree program, you must provide proof that you have completed the requirements of that year of your degree prior to the date of enrolment in the MD/PhD Program.

There are different academic requirements depending on your educational background:

  • undergraduate applicants
  • graduate applicants
  • internationally educated applicants

In addition, you must also satisfy the MD non-academic requirements.

All domestic and international students accepted into the program receive financial support of approximately $34,000 CAD per year. Your tuition fee is blended, and adds up to the total cost of four years of medical school, plus the tuition for four years of PHD, divided by eight (the minimum number of years of the program). Your tuition remains the same for all years that you are in the program. As an international student, you will pay international fees, which were approximately $50,000 CDN in 2023.