MD/PhD Stipends

The annual stipends listed below are the obligation of the MD/PhD program. MD/PhD tuition is set in their first year in the program and remains the same throughout the program. Therefore, stipends are based on their year of entry. The MD/PhD tuition schedule can be found at To find this yourself can be tricky. The path is > Sessions > Fall Winter 20XX 20XX > Tuition & Other Fees > Divisional Tuition Fee & Refund Schedules > Graduate Studies, School of > Domestic Students - Combined Second-entry Undergraduate/Graduate Degree Programs.

Students entering a graduate program in 2018 and onwards require a minimum of $18,000 annual support from their supervisor. For students entering a graduate program in 2016 and later, the graduate unit is expected to contirbute $14,592 towards the MD/PhD student stipend in 2019/20. For students entering in 2015 and prior, we ask that graduate units fund up to their unit's published student stipends. If this does not reach our annual stipend, the MD/PhD program will pay the difference.

MD/PhD students are not subject to the Faculty of Medicine Harmonized Base Funding Agreement.

MD/PhD Stipends payments can be very complex. If you are a graduate program administrator with questions about your MD/PhD student's stipend, please contact the PST Program Manager.

All MD/PhD students receive financial support, starting January of their first-year and continuing until graduation, from which students must pay tuition and living expenses.

International students are eligible for entry into the MD/PhD program and will receive the same funding package as domestic students. Their package will be based on domestic fees. International students will pay international student fees.

Annual Stipends Based on Entry Year into MD/PhD

2018 and onwards Tuition plus incidentals of entry year + minimum $18,000 CDN (no research allowance)
2017 $34,000 CDN (plus $1000 research allowance per year)
2015 & 2016 $32,000 CDN (plus $1000 research allowance per year)
2014 and prior $30,000 CDN (plus $1000 research allowance per year)

Stipends for MD/PhD Students in Graduate Programs

Standard Stipend for students Entering into all Graduate Programs in 2018 and onwards

Graduate Unit/Supervisor Contribution: $18,000

Standard Stipend for students Entering into all Graduate Programs in 2016 or 2017

Graduate Unit/Supervisor Contribution: $14,592

Standard stipend for Students Entering all Graduate Programs in 2015 and Prior

MD/PhD Contribution: $21,000 award

Graduate Unit/Supervisor Contribution: remaining funds required in order to reach the published student stipends for your unit

MD/PhD Stipend Top-Ups for Major Awards

The MD/PhD stipend top-ups follow the guidelines and rules outlined in the FOM Harmonized Student Stipend Agreement

All MD/PhD students must report any awards received outside of their regular stipend to the MD/PhD office. This includes awards from the MD Program and OGS awards.

Typically, the total stipend paid to the student will be reduced by the amount of the award. If the award exceeds the amount equivalent to the Base Stipend and Top-Up, the student will not be eligible to receive the Top-Up.

Failure to report an award could result in the loss of your stipend.

Bursaries do not need to be reported.

Award Type

Stipend Adjustment

Top-Up Payments


Heart & Stroke




Various External Awards -
$15,001 up to the
total value of the student's
stipend, plus top-up

MD/PhD program  and graduate unit/supervisor
split total savings from award 50:50.

Supervisor: $2,000 recommended

MD/PhD Program: $2,000

Total: $4,000

Department awards
under $15,000

Stipend savings goes towards the graduate unit/supervisor. Supervisor will pay -
amount governed by graduate unit policy.

Various Awards with
value of $2,001 - $15,000;
external, university-wide

MD/PhD program and graduate unit/supervisor
split total savings from award 50:50.

Supervisor: $1,000 Recommended

MD/PhD Program: $1,000

Total: $2,000

Awards of $2,000 and under no stipend adjustment total award kept by student