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MD/PhD Program

Our MD/PhD Program, the largest national program of its kind, trains and mentors the next generation of physician scientists.

Physician scientists are trained as medical doctors and scientists. They are in the unique position of pursuing both scientific research and clinical practice, translating academic excellence into health care excellence for Canadians every day. Our program attracts the very best medical researchers to U of T PhD programs, and has produced successive generations of innovative health leaders. Through collaborative and interdisciplinary research, we are advancing medicine and improving health around the world.

The MD/PhD Program trains physician scientists who are well prepared for both research and clinical practice, highly competitive and productive.

You may apply for admission into the MD/PhD Program at the same time as your MD application, or during your first year of medical school at U of T.

We have a wide array of research training opportunities available.

We live during a time of remarkable advances in the sciences that span the expanse of biomedical to health services research. Indeed, there has never been a time when it is so exciting to do science; never has there been such potential for discovery and application of these discoveries for the benefit of human health.
Nicola Jones, MD, PhD, MD/PhD Program Director
May 5, 2021
From an unexpected hiatus to babysitting for healthcare workers, the past year has brought plenty of new experiences for medical students graduating this spring from the Temerty Faculty of Medicine. But with these experiences came new skills and the discovery of a deep resiliency that the class of 2T1 will take into their medical careers.