MD Program

Strategic Initiatives

The MD Program has identifed four high-level priority areas and corresponding strategic objectives that provide a roadmap for the development and implementation of specific strategic initiatives. Our achievements are reported on in our annual report.


Priority Area Strategic objectives 


  • Enhance admissions processes to most effectively balance consideration of both academic and non-academic qualities and characteristics
  • Maximize opportunities for qualified learners from diverse backgrounds to gain admission to the program

Curriculum innovation 

  • Develop and implement competency-based program objectives
  • Develop and implement approaches to learner assessment that support achievement of competencies
  • Supports student at key transition points from admission through to residency 
  • Provide clinically-relevant and adaptive curricular pathways and programmatic options

Learner experience

  • Cultivate an integrated culture of wellness
  • Provide effective academic support and career management opportunities and services
  • Enable appropriate professional development throughout the learning continuum
  • Effectively monitor and improve the learning environment and address the adverse effects of the hidden curriculum 

Teaching & partnerships 

  • Facilitate and support opportunities for learning experiences in a variety of settings, including community-based hospitals and agencies
  • Provide development opportunities for faculty and staff that support innovations in program delivery 
  • Encourage and support individual interest in the collective administration, governance and delivery of undergraduate medical education


Endorsed by the MD Program Executive Committee January 2014 ; reaffirmed june 2017