Teaching in the MD Program

Faculty at a meeting

We are committed to supporting our teachers and ensuring they are well‐prepared for their teaching roles — across the spectrum of teaching and assessment activities. We encourage our teachers to take advantage of the resources and development opportunities to hone their teaching and assessment skills and acquire new ones, and to refresh their knowledge and expand it further.

The Centre for Faculty Development has created the ART online learning tool to provide additional ways for individuals and groups to participate in faculty development. The goal of ART is to bring faculty development to the teaching practice through the use of short, focused modules.

Elentra is U of T's institutionally supported learning management system (LMS) and Student Portal. It is a full-featured LMS with an advanced content system, a variety of student communication tools, and easy-to-use course administration features. New course directors and curriculum administrative staff should contact the Discovery Commons service desk for assistance in setting up courses on Elentra.

Staff and many faculty members are able to log-on to the Faculty of Medicine exchange server to access their @utoronto e-mail. 

MedSIS is the University of Toronto's Undergraduate Medical Education program's administrative source for the student record, evaluations, course schedules, and more.