Visiting Students from Canada or the United States

The University of Toronto is actively working to prepare its applications area of the new Association of Faculties of Medicine in Canada (AFMC) Student Portal platform. We hope to share by September 2022, our re-opening date of our North American Visiting Electives Program. Please refer back to this website for more information.

Visiting International Electives Program

The University of Toronto’s Visiting International Electives Program currently remains suspended. We hope to restart elective placements for our January-June 2023 Program for students graduating in 2024. Visiting electives were previously cancelled by the Associate of Faculties of Medicine in Canada (AFMC) for the class of 2023 and will remain so.

The University of Toronto’s Program offers clinical placements (no observerships) between January-June to students studying outside North America. Students must undergo a random pre-selection and formal application process in order to participate. ‘Unofficial’ electives arranged directly with a supervisor outside of our formal applications and vetting process are strictly prohibited and will not be recognized by the University of Toronto.

In order to be eligible to apply to our Program, students must meet two requirements:

  1. They must first be randomly selected in a ‘lottery’ process.
  2. Their home school must have signed our Agreement by July 1st, 2022.

Lotteries: We will run two lotteries, the dates of which will be posted as soon as possible.
Lottery registration: Registration is through the AFMC Student Portal over a two-week period leading up to each lottery.
Registration fee: none.

Agreement: If you have already provided (medicine.intelective@utoronto.ca) the name, title, and contact information of the appropriate signing authority at your School, and we have already initiated the Agreement signing process, then we will continue to support this process. If your School has not signed an Agreement by July 1st, 2022, then you will not be included in our random selection process for placements in 2023.

Applications: are accepted by randomly selected students only
Deadline: 2 weeks following notification of successful random selection
Requirements: AFMC Student Portal Immunization and Testing Form, as well as other documents
Fees: AFMC Student Portal fee: $650 + University of Toronto fee $800

Updates, including further details on the lottery dates will be announced publicly here on our UofT electives page and – once re-launched – the AFMC Student Portal as soon as new information becomes available.

Due to email load, we ask that students NOT contact the Electives Team at this time. Kindly await instructions which will be publicly posted here. Thank you for your understanding and interest.

Information for Elective Supervisors