General questions

Application questions

How do I apply to the MD/PhD Program?

Please see admissions requirements. An application to the graduate unit of your choice is not required until after admission to the MD/PhD Program.

When can I apply to the MD/PhD Program?

To apply to the MD/PhD Program, you must be have completed your degree, in your final year of undergraduate studies, the final year of a Master's degree, or currently enrolled in the U of T MD Program.

Can I apply to the MD/PhD Program and BSAP or ISAP?

The MD/PhD Programencourages applications from Black and Indigenous applicants. Students may apply to the MD/PhD Program and the Black Student Application Program or Indigenous Student Application Program simultaneously - you simply check both boxes on the OMSAS application. The MD and MD/PhD Admissions processes are parallel. Your MD application experience will be the same as all those in the BSAP or ISAP streams. Your MD/PhD application will be evaluated by a separate team of reviewers and interviewers to assess your potential as a clinician scientist.

Can the same referees be used for both the MD and MD/PhD applications?

This is entirely up to you. Applicants often choose different referees than those requested for their MD application, or ask the same individuals to write a modified letter to better highlight research potential.

Is there a specific form for my referee to complete?

No. Reference letters should be written on the individual’s letterhead. However it is suggested to your referees that they comment on the following candidate attributes, with specific examples, when composing their letters:

  • potential for success as a physician scientist
  • capacity to succeed in both an undergraduate medical and a PhD curriculum
  • self-starting behaviour
  • contribution to the research in which the candidate was involved, including publications, if any
  • capacity to learn from others

How does the admissions process work?

There are separate and parallel admissions processes for Undergraduate Medicine, and the MD/PhD Program. Reviewers in the MD Program do not see your MD/PhD materials, and the MD/PhD reviewers do not review your MD supplemental application materials.

The MD/PhD Program office consults frequently with the Undergraduate Medicine admissions office to facilitate the review process. When possible, your MD and MD/PhD interviews will be arranged for the same weekend.

If I am already in a Master's or PhD program, can I 'transfer' into the MD/PhD Program?

No. If you are applying to the MD/PhD Program (and thus the MD Program) as a graduate student, you will be assessed for the MD Program in the graduate applicant pool. If offered a position in the MD Program, it will be conditional on showing proof of completion of your current degree. Therefore you must complete the Masters or PhD degree, if you want to be accepted to Medicine, and the MD/PhD Program.

Do I have to enrol as a Master's student first, and then transfer to the PhD?

This will depend upon the graduate unit in which you ultimately enrol. Many graduate units now encourage direct entry into the PhD Program. Others still insist on first registering in a Master's program and then within 12 to 18 months, completing a transfer exam and then moving into a PhD Program.

Will I receive financial support as an MD/PhD student?

Yes, all MD/PhD students receive financial support, starting mid-way through first-year and continuing until graduation. The current level of support is approximately $37,000 CAD per year, from which students must pay tuition and living expenses. International students receive the same stipend as domestic students, but will pay international fees.

What is the cost of MD/PhD tuition?

Annual tuition for MD/PhD students is set in your first year, and remains the same for all years that you are in the program. The annual tuition is calculated by adding four years of the current MD tuition to four years of current SGS PhD tuition fees, and dividing the sum by eight. In 2023, the domestic tuition plus incidentals for the MD/PhD Program was approximately $14,650 CAD per year, plus incidental fees. 2023 international MD/PhD tuition was approximately $50,000 CDN. To see up-to-date fees, check out the Tuition Fee Look-Up Tool.