Interim Accreditation Review

MedCred U of T Accreditation 2020 work mark

All Canadian MD programs undertake an Interim Accreditation Review (IAR), which takes place at approximately the half-way point between full accreditation surveys. The Interim Accreditation Review is an important component of continuous quality improvement in medical education, and allows individual programs to:

  • detect emerging problems with standards
  • identify critical issues requiring more immediate action
  • increase local accreditation expertise
  • develop a culture of continuous quality improvement

The University of Toronto's IAR took place during the 2016-2017 academic year, culminating in a site visit with an external reviewer in March 2017.

A confidential, formative report generated by the internal IAR Survey Team and with comments from the external reviewer identified several strengths of the program, including diversity initiatives, curricular innovation, and faculty development.  The report also made recommendations with respect to a number of accreditation elements that require follow-up in anticipation of the next full survey and visit in 2019-2020.

The MD Program Executive Committee has oversight of the follow-up on the IAR recommendations.  These activities range from additional data collection and analysis of current program activities to implementation of new initiatives to ensure continuous quality improvement across all aspects of the MD Program at the University of Toronto.