Apr 27, 2022

Celebrating Excellence in Teaching

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By Erin Howe

The MD Program at the University of Toronto’s Temerty Faculty of Medicine has named the first winners of the new Excellence in Resource Stewardship Teaching Award. The honour was established in 2021 and recognizes faculty members and postgraduate trainees who mentor learners in the concepts of resource stewardship — and who demonstrate the practice in their own clinical work. 

Resource stewardship is a principle that encourages physicians and patients to discuss and weigh the potential risks and benefits of procedures and treatments to ensure people receive the care they need while avoiding unnecessary tests or interventions.

The inaugural recipients are Alejandro Floh, an assistant professor of paediatrics, Edsel Ing, a professor of ophthalmology and vision sciences, Adina Weinerman, an assistant professor of medicine, and William Silverstein, a fellow in the department of medicine.

Floh is the physician lead of the utilization management committee at The Hospital for Sick Children. He is described as an excellent mentor who teaches the importance of responsible resource stewardship and models it daily in his practice.

Ing is a mentor and role model who teaches and demonstrates the importance of responsible resource management.

Weinerman is a national champion of resource stewardship and leader of the Choosing Wisely movement. Weinerman also helped establish Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre’s Choosing Wisely committee.

Silverstein advocates for resource management in the MD curriculum and helped co-found Choosing Wisely STARS (Students and Trainees Advocating for Resource Stewardship).

The award is just one of several that celebrate outstanding teaching within the MD Program.

The Miriam Rossi Award for Health Equity in Undergraduate Medical Education recognizes MD Program faculty members and administrative staff for their commitment to diversity and health equity. This year’s recipient is Mireille Norris, assistant professor, department of medicine.

Sunit Das, associate professor, department of surgery will receive the Norman Rosenblum Award for Excellence in the MD/PhD Program, which recognizes administrative staff, faculty or residents who exhibit exemplary leadership and commitment to mentorship and role modeling for MD/PhD students in Temerty Medicine.

The W. T. Aikins Awards are the Faculty’s most prestigious awards for sustained commitment and excellence in undergraduate teaching. Below is a list of Aikins Award winners.

W. T. Aikins Award for Excellence in Individual Teaching: Foundations
Hosanna Au, associate professor, department of paediatrics
Hani Amad, assistant professor, department of medicine

W. T. Aikins Award for Excellence in Individual Teaching: Clerkship
Fuad Moussa, assistant professor, department of surgery

W. T. Aikins Award for Excellence in Course/Program Development and Coordination
Nirit Bernhard,
assistant professor, department of paediatrics

The award winners will be celebrated later this spring at the annual Education Achievement Celebration.