MD Program assessment and evaluation technology

The MD Program utilizes a number of systems to manage student assessment, student progress, course evaluation and teacher evaluation. These systems are administered by the Office of Assessment and Evaluation.

All require a UTORID to access.

MedSIS (Medical Student Information System)

MedSIS is the online system that the MD Program uses to maintain student registration information, record and calculate student assessments by teachers, obtain student evaluations on their teachers and courses, and perform course scheduling. Students can view their course schedules, review and complete evaluations and access grades.

For technical support e-mail MedSIS.

OASES (Online Assignment Submission and Evaluation System)

OASES is an online tool for written assignments, allowing students to securely upload documents and evaluators to provide feedback. Students will use OASES to submit their portfolio reflections and other written assignments. For support, contact  your course administrator.


Examplify is the application the MD Program utilizes for written assessments.  For support e-mail MD Program ExamSoft Support or contact ExamSoft support.

The Learner Chart

The Learner Chart is a one-of-a-kind application that chronicles and guides students’ progress throughout the MD Program. The Learner Chart will be populated with assessment information from MedSIS, OASES and ExamSoft to provide a rich and holistic view of student progress. At the same time, it allows students to upload files – from documents to images – that tell their unique story of how they are demonstrating competency. Academy Scholars will have access to students’ Learner Charts to support students in reflecting on their assessment data and encourage focused dialogue on what learning strategies students may need to take to enhance their performance, with the ultimate goal of developing a personal learning plan for each student.

For support, e-mail the Student Progress Analyst


CPLAN is a curriculum planning tool developed during the implementation of the Foundations curriculum. It houses the MD Program’s learning objectives and allows the Program leadership to create linkages between end of week objectives, end of subsection objectives and broader Program Objectives. CPLAN is what allows the Learner Chart to architect the assessment data it receives by learning objective and CanMEDS roles. Students will not have direct access to CPLAN but will see it reflected in the Learner Chart.