Workplace Injury and Health Care Access

If you experience an injury in a clinical setting, please review the following flowchart which outlines key steps and responsibilities. Also, see information regarding how to access health care

Workplace injury flowchart

Download the workplace injury flowchart (PDF).

For detailed information, see the Incidents of medical student workplace injury and exposure to infectious disease in clinical settings  protocol.

Accessing health care

As a resident of Ontario, you are entitled to receive health care anywhere in the province. If you think that you may have to miss school because of your injury or illness, use the Absence Regulations to find out what you need to do and who to contact. The sooner you contact the MD Program, the better, especially if you are likely to miss an exam or other assessment.




Accessing health care flowchart

Download the accessing health care flowchart (PDF).

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If you have questions that aren't addressed here, contact your Academy Director, Academy Med Ed Office, or the Associate Dean, Office Health Professions Student Affairs.