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In partnership with Medical Alumni Association (MAA), we are proud to offer research programs in:

MAA-CREMS International Health Summer Research Program

The 2019 MAA-CREMS International Program catalogue will be posted in late February / early March

We believe it is important that medical students at the University of Toronto (U of T) have opportunities to obtain research experience in developing countries.

As a result, each year the MAA funds a number of summer scholarship grants.

Through these scholarships, supplemented through the CREMS program, students have the opportunity to participate in an academic experience that includes a research project related to important health issues in developing countries. This program enables students to expand upon their knowledge gained through the standard curriculum in Canada.


The Dr. Elva Mary Rowe Fund International Health Undergraduate Summer Research Scholarships are competitive, and are awarded to first- and second-year medical students at the University of Toronto.

Eligible projects can be a part of, or related to, the on-going global health work of a U of T faculty member.


The duration of the project is from 10 to 12 weeks, including travel to and from the project site. Projects are undertaken between May/June and August.


The value of scholarships will be at least $4,000 and up to $5,500 depending on our funding for a given year. This funding is to be used for all student travel expenses.

Application process

A supervisor must submit a Project Information Form to the CREMS Program Office via e-mail no later than February 25, 2019.  Once the projects are all received, they will be posted to the CREMS website and students will be advised. Students apply directly to the supervisor of the project they are interested in and should contact the potential supervisor directly and schedule an interview.

Once chosen by the supervisor, students must submit an application to the CREMS Programs Office (application templates will be e-mailed to students once they are selected by the supervisor - Deadline March 15, 2019

Attention students: please do not complete the Student Application form until you have received confirmation from the supervisor that you have been selected.


During the course of the program, the student must complete the following deliverables:

  1. submission of a program evaluation
  2. submission of a good quality personal reflection
  3. a high quality research report, which may be submitted for publication
  4. completion of a satisfactory poster and presentation at the annual University of Toronto Medical Student Research Day (MSRD)

Information for supervisors


First- and second-year students are eligible to apply for MAA funded research scholarships to conduct research overseas in developing countries between June and August. The successful applicants will receive a minimum stipend of $4,000 which includes return airfare to their placement site and living expenses.

In partnership with the CREMS International Health Program, MAA research scholarship funds recipients largely in developing countries, and who are able to directly or indirectly supervise (an in-country colleague who you work with will be the direct supervisor) the student's research for the entire duration of the student's placement. In-country supervisors are required to assist students in orientating the student in-country, including research scholarship students to work with, please complete the Supervisor Information Form that you were sent and email it to the CREMS Programs Office by February 25, 2019

MAA-CREMS Research in the Humanities and Social Sciences

The 2019 MAA-CREMS Humanities & Social Sciences and The History of Medicine  Program catalogue will be posted in late February / early March



Medical students in their first or second year, including first-year MD/PhD students are eligible to participate.

Questions about the eligibility of a proposed research project should be directed to the CREMS Programs Office. Awards will be funded by the MAA. All research is to be completed under the supervision of a faculty mentor. Students may choose from a list of potential supervisors, or they may seek supervision from an alternative supervisor. The chosen supervisor is not restricted to the Faculty of Medicine or need to be appointed to a graduate department at the University of Toronto.


The program formally runs for a continuous 12-week period from beginning of June to the end of August.


A stipend of $5,500 will be provided by CREMS through funding provided by the MAA. The supervisor is responsible for any extraneous study or travel expenses.

Application process

  1. Supervisors must submit a Project Information Form  (PDF) to the CREMS office by February 25, 2019 
  2. Once project information is received, it will be posted to our website.
  3. First-year, second-year and MD/PhD students will be notified once projects are posted.
  4. Students will apply to the project of their choosing directly to the supervisor. The supervisor may interview the interested students and make a selection. 
  5. Once a student and supervisor agree to work together, a Student Application must be completed and returned via e-mail by the deadline of March 15 2019

Attention students: please do not complete the Student Application form until it you have received confirmation from the project supervisor that you have been chosen to work on their project.  

Evaluation of applications

All applications will be evaluated and ranked by a review panel consisting of experts relevant to the research being proposed. Preference will be given to projects with a demonstrated relevance to medicine or health care.


During the course of the program, the student must complete the following deliverables:

  1. a quality research report
  2. an abstract submission to the annual Medical Student Research Day (MSRD)
  3. a quality research poster at the annual Medical Student Research Day (MSRD)



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