Elective Awards

Awards listed in this section are open to fourth-year students and require an application. Information and instructions regarding the completion and submission of this online application will be e-mailed to all fourth-year MD Program students in September.

For those awards with financial need as a criterion, unmet need, as assessed by the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) or the University of Toronto Advanced Planning for Students (UTAPS), will be used to determine level of need.





Dr. David Nelson Bell Memorial Bursary

  • financial need

  • elective in Anaesthesia

  • Ontario resident


Lezlie Joan Clow Memorial Fund

  • research project of elective in Hyperbaric or Diving Medicine

  • financial need


Gertrude Greven Fund

  • research project in Psychiatry


Peter Isaacs Memorial Scholarship

  • elective in Psychiatry for the study of human depression


Dr. Norman Kalant Memorial Award

  • excellent academic standing, elective in public health


Dr. Naresh Kumar Award

  • elective in Cardiology

  • financial need


McCormick Scholarship

  • elective in Therapeutic Radiology


Charles E. Snelling Scholarship Fund

  • elective in Paediatrics

  • sound academic standing

  • financial need

Two awards at $895

Juanita Thompson, MD, Memorial Award

  • Family Practice elective in community distant from medical teaching centres

  • financial need

Multiple awards at varying amounts.

Auerback Clinical Clerkship Elective Award

  • elective in Paediatrics at the University of California at San Francisco

minimum of two awards.

Rural Ontario Medicine Electives

  • elective in rural Ontario for which no other funding is available