Clerkship responsibilities & relevant policies

Students and teachers are expected to familiarize themselves with all pertinent policy documents, all of which are available on the MD Program Academic Regulations page. Some of the most important statements are linked below.

For a description of the clinical responsibilities of clerks including recommendations for the scope of activities, see the MD Program Academic Calendar.

Student attendance

  • Regulations for student attendance and guidelines for approved absences from mandatory activities (MD Program)
  • Clerkship vacation; statutory and religious holidays
    • Clerkship includes approximately two weeks of vacation at the end of December/start of January in both third and fourth, one week of vacation for March Break in third year, and up to two weeks of vacation during the electives block at the start of fourth year (see key dates). Statutory holidays have the same status as weekends during clerkship, meaning that clerks may or may not be required to be in attendance or on call, as determined by individual courses. Accommodation for religious observances (on statutory holidays or otherwise) shall be provided in accordance with the University’s Policy on Scheduling of Classes and Examinations and Other Accommodations for Religious Observances.
  • CaRMS interview period
    • The Faculty is very cognizant of the importance of allowing time for fourth-year students to attend interviews for postgraduate training programs and the CaRMS match, hence there is no curriculum scheduled during the designated CaRMS interview period.