Awards requiring an application

All of the awards and scholarships listed in this section require an online application. Information and instructions regarding the completion and submission of this online application will be e-mailed to all students in the MD Program students in January.

For those awards that have academic criteria (honours standing, academic excellence, etc.), good academic standing will be determined by the Awards Committee.

For those awards with financial need as a criterion, unmet need, as assessed by the Ontario Student Assistance Program(OSAP) or the University of Toronto Advanced Planning for Students (UTAPS), will be used to determine level of need.

Not all scholarships are available in every year.





Ankle Award


  • innovation excellence
  • completed project with outcome related to improved health systems,
    patient care, research results or new ways of completing tasks that enhance medical practice
  • financial need
 1-4    $18,000
Barrie Grammar School Scholarship
  • preference for graduate of Barrie and District Collegiate Institute or,
    if no qualified candidate is available, graduate of a rural Ontario school
  • honours standing in first year of undergraduate medicine
 3    $1,000
Zhangbin-Niugensheng Bethune Award
  • in honour of Dr. Norman Bethune
  • community service
 1-4    $2,600

Canadian Medical Association's 150th Anniversary Award


  • demonstrated ability to exemplify the values of professionalism including: honesty and integrity, respect, responsibility and accountability, commitment to self-improvement and collaboration
  • good academic standing
  • preference given to members of the Canadian Medical Association
1-4 $15,000

Mary Cassidy Awards
(learn more)

  • outstanding contribution to extracurricular activities
 1-4 Ten awards at $300

Samuel Castrilli Award

  • high academic standing, moral character and leadership during attendance at a high school in Toronto
  • intention to specialize in postgraduate medical research
  • financial need


May be renewable for four years

Class of Medicine 1924 War Service Scholarship
  • honours standing
  • preference to descendants of men and women who served in Allied Forces during the First and Second World War or members of Class of Medicine 1924
 3 & 4    $1,100
Class of 2006 - Toronto Notes Award
  • extracurricular dedication
  • good academic standing
 1 & 2    $1,354
John Copp Bursary
  • sound character
  • athletic ability
  • good academic standing
 2    $650
Cila and Ernest Drucker &
Ruth and Hank Rosen Scholarship
  • honours standing in first year
  • demonstrated involvement in extracurricular medical school activities
  • financial need
 2    $1,250
Lidia A. Dykun - Class of 8T1 Memorial Award
  • sound character
  • academic standing
  • contributions in extracurricular activities within medical school
  • preference given to student who does not hold another award in that year
 2    $750
Dr. Richard Edwards 5T7 Family Medical Student Award in Genetics (Medical Alumni Association Award)
  • interest and excellence in the study of genetics or has conducted a study into genetically-caused illnesses, preferably connective tissue disorders
 2-4    $300
Dr. Isaac Ben Ezra Scholarship
  • general proficiency
  • literary achievement
 1-4    $1,250


Nishant J. Fozdar Memorial Award (PDF)


  • academic merit
  • involvement with the U of T community
  • preference to students affiliated with Chestnut or New College Residences
1-4 $1,140
Geoffrey Samuel Gangbar Memorial Scholarship
  • special merit or achievement in haematology, immunology or related fields
 1-4    $1,300
Gladwin-Ridings Memorial Scholarship
  • good academic standing
  • qualities of practicality, sensitivity, modesty and reverence for individual human life
 3    $2,000
Drs. John and Joseph Green Undergraduate Awards
  • specialization in anaesthesia, psychiatric illness and/or palliative care
 3 & 4 Two to three awards at $4,000
Sharon Harrilal Class of 9T5 Memorial Scholarship
  • academic proficiency
  • concern for student welfare and commitment to community service
  • financial need
 3    $1,750

Dr. Robert William Hudson Memorial Award


  • demonstrated interest in endocrinology
  • preference given to Black or Indigenous students
  • financial need
1-4 $1,000
Albert and Rose Jong
(Medical Alumni Association Award)
  • financial need
  • academic excellence
  • preference for demonstrated leadership in the Chinese-Canadian community
  • Ontario resident
 2-4    $1,900
9T9 James Paul Marois Memorial Award
  • financial need
  • community involvement
  • active interest in health of marginalized population and social justice
  • humanitarianism and compassion in interactions with patients and families
 3 & 4    $1,300
Dr. Harvey Moldofsky Scholarship for Psychiatric Neuroscience Research
  • high academic standing
  • special interest and aptitude in the field of psychiatric/neuroscience research
 1-4    $1,000
Kiyoharu and Kiyoaki Momose Memorial Scholarship
  • high academic standing
  • leadership and extracurricular activities
 4    $600
Pilari Scholarship
  • significant contribution to medical education
 2    $38
Dr. V. Rambihar Diversity and Health Award
  • great achievement in diversity and health in past year through coursework, research, initiative or other means
 1-4    $80
Dr. Joseph Rogers Award
  • financial need
  • interest and talent for psychotherapeutic psychiatry
 1-4    $4,200
Robert M. Sklar Memorial Scholarship
  • superior academic performance
  • proficiency in clinical skills
  • significant contribution to student life with the Faculty of Medicine
  • leadership, compassion and sensitivity
 1    $80
Major William McLean Walwyn Awards
  • leadership
  • interest in humanities
 1    $14,000
May be renewable for four years
Lucille Williams Awards in Cancer Research
  • excellence in cancer research, preferably in areas related to cancer cures, prevention or alternative therapies
 1-4    $1,800
Johnny Kar Lok Yip Memorial Scholarship
  • academic excellence
  • involvement in extracurricular medical school activities
  • financial need
 1    $2,500