MD Program

Available resources & support

Study space

MD and Physician Assistant students, do you know you have access to a quiet study space, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?

  • The study space has 40 quiet study carrels, six ASCM rooms, six group study spaces, an open study space and a lunch room
  • You will need your access card to access the space 
  • The Study Space is located at 263 McCaul Street on the 5th floor.  Wi-fi is available through the ‘U of T’ network

Student Health Initiatives and Education (SHINE)

The SHINE team are a volunteer student-led team that helps promote our counselling services to their peers and to provide input on programming needs and promotional strategies. SHINE also helps promote student leadership in wellness workshops and peer tutoring. Visit the SHINE website.

Do you need a family physician? (MD only)

Are you a MD student who needs family doctor? We have a new system to link you with a family physician. Please visit your Portal page and follow these links to find a physician:

  • Go to the Portal
  • My Organizations Plus
  • Office of Health Professions Student Affairs
  • Find a Physician program for MD Students
  • View the PDF

Breastfeeding room

If you need a quiet place to breastfeed your child, we have a private place on the St. George campus in the Medical Sciences Building, Room 2356. Please visit the OHPSA office to sign out a key.

Shuttle tickets 

Shuttle tickets are available to MD students to travel to between the St. George and UTM campus, provided they are for the following:
•    MedSoc meetings 
•    Curriculum meetings which are held in Mississauga (Course committees etc.) 
•    Co-curricular activities   

Book your tickets and then pick them up tickets at the OHPSA office.  You will need to give at least 24 hours’ notice. For more information, you can contact OHPSA at 416.978.2764. 

Event form

If you have an event, use the Event Booking Form. We are happy to help facilitate your request.