After the Summer Mentorship Program

Discover program

The Discover program allows us to provide you with additional information, experiences and opportunities that will continue to build on some of the skills that you developed during the Summer Mentorship Program (SMP). The Discover program begins once SMP ends in July and lasts one year. During the SMP, we meet with each student in the program to understand their educational and career interests as well as their questions and concerns. This allows us to continue to support you in your academic and personal goals as you transition to post-secondary schools. In the Discover program you have the opportunity to participate in various workshops, additional shadowing experiences, internship opportunities, research opportunities, publishing opportunities and more. 

We want to see you succeed in a career that you are passionate about, and we are committed to helping you succeed.

Summer Mentorship Program Alumni Society

Graduates of the SMP enjoy the benefit of being part of the Summer Mentorship Program Alumni Society (SMPAS). SMPAS is  a student-led organization that provides longitudinal support to SMP alumni as they continue on their individual paths to post-secondary education, career exploration and personal development. SMPAS is also dedicated to promoting health equity for marginalized communities and working with the youth from these communities to help foster a positive outlook on post-secondary education.  SMPAS provides our alumni with the ability to remain connected to their peers and like-minded individuals who are committed to pursuing a career in health care. The Office of Health Professions Student Affairs (OHPSA) works collaboratively with SMPAS to provide information, networking opportunities and a community of support.