Volunteering During COVID-19: What MD Students Should Know

Dr. Lynn Wilson would like to commend MD students for their volunteer efforts during COVID-19 and remind them to be safe and take necessary precautions when engaging in these activities. MD students should know that any opportunities they choose to participate in are independent of academic studies and the University, even if the activities take place on sites that are affiliated with the University.
Apr 6 / 2020

Medical Students Organize Health Advocacy Conference

University of Toronto medical students have come together to organize the Conference on Health Advocacy Toronto (CHAT), which will take place virtually on Saturday, April 4. The conference includes 38 advocacy projects by medical students and learners in allied health professions, and features notable health leaders including Dr. Jane Philpott, CHAT’s keynote speaker. 
Apr 3 / 2020

Screening for Human Trafficking in the Emergency Department

Research demonstrates that well over half of victims of human trafficking are accessing care through emergency departments. Dr. Julianna Deutscher, a second-year emergency medicine resident at the University of Toronto, says these stats show a big opportunity for for physicians to screen people who access emergency services for trafficking, especially marginalized populations such as women, youth, Indigenous and those who identify as LGBTQ+. 
Mar 6 / 2020

Resident Reflections: Dr. Nardin Samuel on Neurosurgery

Dr. Nardin Samuel is a medical resident at the University of Toronto in neurosurgery, a field she says is fascinating and rapidly evolving. In this Q&A, Samuel discusses the misconceptions regarding the specialty, what she likes about neurosurgery and how she would advise medical students choosing a specialty.
Mar 4 / 2020