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Faces of U of T Medicine: Celina Nahanni

Celina Nahanni’s original plan was to become a computational researcher, but as she became increasingly interested in the biological sciences and Indigenous activism, she saw medicine as an opportunity to merge the two. While in medical school, Nahanni found her passion in orthopaedic surgery and became a parent. She spoke to writer Julia Soudat about juggling parenthood and medical school, her Indigenous activism and the most valuable lessons she’s learned on her journey.
May 28 / 2019

Faces of U of T Medicine: Maham Bushra and Meera Mahendiran

Diversity, inclusion, equity and allyship are at the core of Dear MD to Be, a new podcast created by medical students Maham Bushra and Meera Mahendiran. They spoke to writer Julia Soudat about why it’s important to highlight the beauty of diversity in medicine, the challenges of creating a podcast and the valuable lessons they’ve learned along the way.
May 10 / 2019

Twins Go From Lab to Parliament Hill to Fight Concussions

The reason for identical twins Sandhya and Swapna Mylabathula’s visit to Parliament was no joke – even if they were carrying a life-size brain made of Jell-O on April Fools' Day. They were invited to speak to a subcommittee on sports-related concussions, part of a roster of witnesses including top sports scientists and hockey legends like Eric Lindros and Ken Dryden.
Apr 12 / 2019

Turning Big Ideas into Real Solutions: UofTMed Student Showcase

Big questions spark ideas that could change medicine. At this year’s UofTMed Student Showcase — an annual event celebrating donors to the Faculty of Medicine — students and trainees put their innovative answers on display.
Apr 9 / 2019