The Diversity Mentorship Program: Connecting Medical Students with Representation

Semipe Oni, a second year medical student at the University of Toronto, discusses how the Diversity Mentorship Program offered by the Faculty of Medicine has benefited her training and experience as a budding physician and explains the ways in which her mentor, Dr. Onye Nnorom, has supported her in her journey. 
Nov 12 / 2019

Building Resilience in Medical Students

In 2016, our MD Program launched its Resilience Curriculum to prepare first year medical students for the challenges of medical school and residency. The curriculum breaks down the stigma surrounding mental health issues and equips learners with the skills needed to persevere through challenges and adversity. This year, the resilience curriculum workshops are primarily being facilitated by residents and physicians, who share their experiences and expertise with students moving into medical careers. Three of this year’s physician facilitators – Drs. Jennifer Croke, Rikin Patel and Rebecca Cherniak – talked about what lessons on resilience they wish they’d known when they were medical students, why it’s important to teach resilience and the highlights of facilitating these workshops.
Oct 29 / 2019

Now Hear This: Three Podcasts Featuring Faculty of Medicine Members to Follow

Science communications is leaping from the realms of scientific journals and research posters to the world of podcasts. If you listen carefully, you may even recognize a familiar voice or two from members of the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Medicine. Here are a few podcasts created by or featuring members of the Faculty of Medicine community. 
Oct 25 / 2019

UofTMed Alum: Advocacy, Stigma and 20 Years of the Black Medical Students Association

Dr. Sean Wharton recalls being just one of three black medical students in his class when he began his studies. Realizing that something had to be done to increase black students' representation in medical school, Dr. Wharton got to work. 
Oct 18 / 2019