Graduating in a Year Like No Other

From an unexpected hiatus to babysitting for healthcare workers, the past year has brought plenty of new experiences for medical students graduating this spring from the Temerty Faculty of Medicine.
May 5 / 2021

Talk to Us: Addressing Learner Mistreatment

Over the past year, the MD Program introduced new policies and procedures to help learners who experience or witness mistreatment or unprofessionalism in the learning environment.
Apr 23 / 2021

Med School Orientation Stressful for Some Diverse Students: U of T Study

A new study led by the University of Toronto and University Health Network reveals that medical school orientation can be a source of lasting tension and uncertainty for students, particularly those of diverse backgrounds. Students entering medical school are quickly introduced to many of the social and professional aspects of the medical profession. Orientation is meant to be an informative period that welcomes students and sets the stage for a positive medical school experience.
Apr 14 / 2021

Faces of U of T Medicine: #FrancoMed

A group of MD students in the Temerty Faculty of Medicine is supporting learners across Canada working to strengthen their medical French language skills.
Apr 13 / 2021