Convocation awards

Certain scholarships listed in this section require an application. Information and an application form will be e-mailed to all fourth-year students in April. 

Scholarships not requiring an application will be decided by the Awards Committee, based on academic performance or departmental nominations. 

For those awards with financial need as a criterion, unmet need, as assessed by the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) or the University of Toronto Advanced Planning for Students (UTAPS), will be used to determine level of need.

Not all scholarships are available in every year.


Award/Scholarship       criteria approximate

5T7 Memorial Dr. Janice Huffman Medical Alumni Award in Radiology

  • excellence and specialization in diagnostic or therapeutic radiology
  • interest in gender and equity issues during medical studies



Dr. Gagan Ahuja Memorial Award

  • academic excellence
  • student leadership
  • financial need
  • interest in radiology


Joseph Aiken 3T3 Award in Medicine
  • excellence in field of cardiology
$3,150 No
Sidney Aiken 2T9 Award in Medicine
  • excellence in field of ophthalmology
$3,150 No

Diana Alli Medical Student Award

  • commitment to enhancing student life and community outreach throughout all four years of the MD Program
  • sensitivity, enthusiasm, modesty and respect for students and members of the community
$1,000 Yes

Dr. Benjamin W. Appleton Prize in Psychiatry

  • special interest and achievement in field of psychiatry
$100 No
Dr. George K. Balkos Memorial for Excellence in Family Medicine
  • specialization in Family Practice Residency Program
$650 No

Dr. George K. Balkos Memorial for Excellence in Bioethics

  • overall academic performance in medical programs
  • emphasis on bioethics
$650 No
Hugh Barber Scholarship in Otolaryngology
  • financial need
  • excellence and interest in otolaryngology


Dr. Evelyn Bateman Award for Excellence in Anaesthesia

  • highest standard of academic performance in specialty of anaesthesia
$300 No

Dr. E. Anne Beattie Award

  • personal and professional qualities
  • intention to undertake residency in field of family and community medicine
$925 No
Dr. John Bradley Memorial Award
  • strong humanitarian and altruistic qualities
  • passionate commitment to generalist practice in rural areas with underserviced populations
  • commitment to peer mentorship and support throughout medical school
  • good academic standing
  • financial need
$1,950 Yes
Dr. Arthur V. Brown Award
  • highest academic standing in the final year of program
$16,000 No

Dr. Herbert Alexander Bruce Medal

  • highest aggregate marks in:
    • first year Anatomy and Physiology
    • second year Pathology
    • third year Surgery
    • fourth year Surgery
_ No
Irving Heward Cameron Undergraduate Scholarships in Surgery
  • awarded to four students who have achieved highest marks
    in Surgery in clerkship
Gold - $1000
Silver - $750
Other - $500, $100
Dr. Sol Cappe Scholarship
  • special interest and achievement in family medicine
  • preference to a student who does not hold another award



Dr. Antonio Ocana Carmona Memorial Award

  • interest in nutrition and strong desire to incorporate nutrition for disease prevention into clinical practice
  • financial need
$6,000 Yes
Mary L. Cassidy Awards
  • major contribution to the Faculty and University
  • extracurricular excellence
10-12 awards at $300 each No
Kathleen Chambers Award
  • good academic standing
  • major contribution to the Faculty and University
$200 Yes

Chappell Prize

  • best student in clinical surgery
$50 No
Cody Medals
  • top three academic standing overall in med school
Gold, Silver, Silver No

Dr. Mark Cohen Ophthalmology Award

  • pursuing residency in ophthalmology
  • shows special promise to be an outstanding clinician
  • financial need
$4,000 No

Dr. Fred Douglas Memorial Fund

  • excellence in respiratory diseases
$200 No
Dr. Barry Ehrlich Memorial Scholarship
  • strong interest in family practice
  •  enthusiastic commitment to caring for people and to learning
$650 No
Endocrine Society Medical Student Achievement Award
  • exceptional ability and interest in endocrinology
_ No

Exodus Scholarship

  • involvement in all facets of medical student life over the four years
  • has not received another extracurricular award
$20 Yes
Dr. Chester William Ferrier Scholarship
  • outstanding achievement in clerkship surgery rotation with intention to specialize in surgery
$750 No
Dr. S. Nimu Ganguli and Family Medical Alumni Award in Diagnostic Medical Imaging
  • excellence in field of diagnostic medical imaging either through research and/or electives
  • intention to specialize in diagnostic radiology
$500 Yes

Dr. Henry and Helen Goldenberg Haematology Award

  • high academic standing; has chosen a career in internal medicine with a demonstrated interest in haematology
 $500 No
Dr. Jacob Goldstein Scholarship in Obstetrics and Gynaecology
  • greatest proficiency in obstetrics and gynaecology
$300 No

Dr. Kelly Gollish 5T7 Memorial Award

  • demonstrated interest in the field of ophthalmology through clinical or research participation
$500 No
Harry Gotlieb Scholarship in Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology
  • demonstrated excellence and interest in the area of lab medicine and pathobiology in course work and during the elective period
 $1,150 No
Graduating Class Award
  • valedictorian of graduating class
$550 No
Drs. Gross and Taylor Award
  • interest and pursuing residency in orthopaedic surgery
$1,500 No
The Barbara M. Hardy Memorial Medical Alumni Award in General Surgery
  • financial need
  • excellence and intent to specialize in general surgery
$1,000 No
Dr. Louis R. Harnick Memorial Award
  • high academic standing in third and fourth year
  • specific interest and aptitude in diagnostic radiology
$3,000 No
Sophie Harnick Memorial Prize
  • greatest human understanding and responsibility for welfare of patients
$50 No
Harris Family MAA Award in Oncology
  • financial need
  • excellence and intent to specialize in oncology
$1,000 No

Hendry Memorial Scholarship

  • high standing in obstetrics and gynaecology
  • sound character
$500 No

Delbert S. Hoare Award

(Medical Alumni Association Award)

  • outstanding contribution to undergraduate medical education
$300 Yes

William V. Hull Scholarship

  • good academic standing
  • honour to medical school through an outstanding act or accomplishment
$500 Yes

Dr. Anna Jarvis Award for Outstanding Contribution to Student Life

  • outstanding abilities to nurture peers and promote collegiality and positive teamwork among classmates
$1,100 Yes
Dr. Ian Johnson Access to Excellence Award
  • portfolio submission for Determinants of Community Health Program (DOCH) that best addresses health inequalities in suburban or rural communities outside of downtown Toronto
$2,650 No

Dr. Mitchell Kohan Scholarship

  • honours standing
  • preference to student with high standing in medicine
$1,000 No
T. Gopal Krishna and T. Nagabushanam Award 
  • special interest in neurology and additional studies on neurological topics in research, clinical service, electives or is pursuing post grad study in neurology
$850 No

Dr. Stan Kushnir Memorial Award

  • financial need
  • special interest and achievement in psychiatry
  • preference to student who wishes to pursue elective in clinical hypnosis
$900 No

Dr. Gabriel Leung Memorial Scholarship

  • outstanding performance in family medicine
$250 No

Dr. N.N. Levinne Award in Family and Community Medicine

  • keen interest and outstanding performance in Family and Community Medicine
$250 No

Lum Family MAA Undergraduate Medical Student Award

  • leadership in philanthropy
  • academic excellence
$6,500 Yes
Dr. Isaac Jack Markens 4T8 Medical Alumni Award
  • academic excellence
  • financial need
$225 No
Medical Alumni Association Scholarship
  • general proficiency
2 awards at $250 No
Dr. Ellen Mickle Fellowship
  • highest standing in third year
  • academic excellence in fourth year
 $5,000 No
Gaynor Dawn Thomson Morrow Memorial Scholarship
  • interest and proficiency in family medicine during the clerkship
  • preference to student choosing family medicine as a career
$850 No

Dr. Robert P. Orange Memorial Medal and Prize (Medical Alumni Association Award)

  • academic achievement
  • leadership qualities
  • commitment to extracurricular activities in the Faculty and University
$400 Yes

Dr. Frederick R. Papsin Award

  • high academic standing in obstetrics and gynaecology
  • extracurricular accomplishments at university
$780 No
The 0T1 Jacqueline Helen Perry Memorial Award
  • financial need
  • interest in rural medicine
  • humanitarianism and compassionate interactions with patients and families
  • interest in emergency medicine and/or international health
$750 Yes
Anita Rachlis Award
  • sound academic standing, pursuing residency in internal medicine at a Canadian institution
$2000 No
Dr. I. Ritz Scholarship
  • sound academic standing
  • pursuing residency in urology
$350 No
Pat & Doug Robertson Toronto-Eglinton Rotary Award for Family Medicine
  • caring nature and intuitive decision-making skills
  • strong commitment to generalist practice in small community outside of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA)
  • financial need
$2,750 No

Dr. Murray Shafran Scholarship

  • high standing in internal medicine
  • interest in respiratory disease
$750 No

Dr. Jagdis K. Siddoo and Dr. Sarjit K. Siddoo Gold Medal Award


  • best academic standing after four years of medical school
$5,000 No
Dr. Roy Simpson Scholarship in Paediatrics
  • special interest and achievement in paediatrics


Betty Stewart Sisam Award
  • good academic record
  • demonstrated greatest understanding and care for the welfare of patients
$525 No

Samuel J. Streight, OBE, MD, Scholarship in Internal Medicine
(Medical Alumni Association Award)

  • high standing in internal medicine
$400 No

Dr. Samuel Stein Memorial Award

  • excellence in therapeutic communication during core/elective rotations in psychiatry



Dr. Kenzie Takahashi Scholarship in Medicine and Surgery

  • high standing in medicine and surgery in third year
  • honours in these subjects in fourth year
$400 No
Dr. Sidney M. And Roselyn Tobin Compassionate Scholarship in Obstetrics and Gynaecology
  • demonstrated compassion in the area of obstetrics and gynecology
  • academic excellence
$300 No

Dr. and Mrs. A. A. Track Scholarship

  • financial need
  • honours standing in fourth-year surgery
$1,500 No

Dr. D.V. Vakil Memorial Award

  • high standing and demonstrated interest in community health
$550 No
Dr. Ian Johnson Access to Excellence Award
  • for having the portfolio submission to the DOCH Program that best addresses health inequalities in suburban or rural communities outside of downtown Toronto

$5,000 No
Dr. Jean Wasserman Wolfman Prize in Child Psychiatry
  • a student who significantly investigates some aspect of autism in children during elective period
$500 No

The Weber/Nimon Prize in Neurology

  • special interest in neurology and additional studies on neurological topics in research, clinical service, electives or is pursuing post graduate study in neurology
$1,000 No

Dr. K.J.R Wightman Award in Internal Medicine

  • high standing in internal medicine
$200 No
Wilkinson Scholarship
  • achievement in ophthalmology
$150 No
Dr. Carl Witus Prize in Paediatrics
  • high standing and interest in paediatrics
$250 No

Dr. Patricia Houston and Dr. Jeffrey Gollish Award in Leadership

  • commitment to leadership with a preference for students graduating from the MD/MENG Program
  • financial need
$1000 Yes
Nathan Banerji-Kearney Memorial Award for Indigenous Students
  •  self-identified 4th year graduating Indigenous students with demonstrated excellence in working directly with Indigenous communities. 

$1000 Yes
Dr. Imran A. Rasul Award in Gastroenterology/Internal Medicine
  •  high academic standing and demonstrated interest in gastroenterology.

  • pursuing residency in internal medicine at the University of Toronto. 

$2000 Yes

The Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism Achievement Award

  •  exceptional ability and interest in Endocrinology.
$2500 No


Cody Medal recipients

These medals are awarded to fourth year medical students at convocation.

Year Gold Silver Silver
2020 Stanley, C. Bogler, O. Genis, H.

Meschino, D

Epp, E. Duan, J.
2018 Hellstern Layefsky, M. Woolner, M. Glick, L.
2017 Williams, C. Chin-Yee, B. Thomson, L.
2016 Coomes, E. Zadow, C. Brown, C.
2015 Mathieu, F. Schwindt, G. Bechard, M.
2014 Moore, S. Erdman, L. Kaplovitch, E.
2013 Fridhandler, J. Burbidge, T. Boggild, M.
2012 Krysko, K. Gillies, A. Wang, J.
2011 Tsao, P. Tan, N. Jensen, L.
2010 Kennedy, J. Kopolovic, I. MacFadden, D.
2009 Simms, T. Wong, K. Havey, T.
2008 Yu, J. Silver, S. Moore, S.
2007 Taggart, L. Cot, B. Abdel-Qadir, H.
2006 Polson, C. Lai, E.

Prica, A.

2005 Davidge, K. Cescon, D. Katz, P.
2004 Price, E. Hillmer, M. Sibbald, M.
2003 Buckler, P. Bharatha, A. Bedard, P.

Yuen, D.

Juvet, S. Kulik, A.
2001 Daneman, N. Wilson, K. Harvey, A.
2000 Weir, T.

Lawrimore, T.

Shapira, S.

Litner, J.

Klein, D. Lin, Y.

Robicsek, A. A

Wanzel, K. R. Lenga, I.

Lee, W. L.

Eino, D. M. MacLoghlin, C. J.
1996 Punnett, A.

Gordon, M.

Rabin, K.

1995 Goldsmith, M. Little, D. Ahmed, N.
1994 Huang, J. Bodley, J. L. McMurray, L. A.
1993 Vignjevic, P.M. Liu, G. Sheppard, D.C.
1992 Dipchand, A. I. Johnston, R. H. Murphy, M. C.
1991 Porter, P. J. Ma, M. Edelstein, J.
1990 Midroni, G. Lakra, A. Tishler, S. J.
1989 Peckham, K. A. Boerner, S. L.

Borwein, S. T.

1988 Boyer, M. I. Albert, L.

Langlois, W. J.

1987 Schreiber, M. Goguen, J. M. Sasaki, S. E.
1986 Herst, J. A. Bertagnolli, A. Kaiser, U. B.
1985 Turner, F. N. Hamilton, L. L.

Simon, B. J.

1984 Kenny, D. J. Ross, R. G. Cheifetz, R.E.
1983 Watson, K. R. Tanen, S. M. Leyland, N. A.
1982 Curtis, M. A. Haroun, M.

Colapinto, E. V.

1981 Maskens, P. D. McLellan, B. A. Gibb, V. G.
1980 Warner, E. Feinberg, S. M. Rebane, T.
1979 Brooks, P. Kucharczyk, W.

Huang, D.

1978 Hoffert, B. M.

Dodek, P. M.

Rice, T. W.
1977 Skorecki, K. L. Cowan, G. F. Jakubovic, H. R.
1976 Day, A. Flindall, D. B. O'Hara, W. J.
1975 Cochrane, D. D. Arnup, P. A.

Green, M. S.

1974 Parkinson, D. R. Minden, M. D. Shrives, D. M.
1973 Hyland, R. Ginsberg, M. B. Taylor, F. J.
1972 Rachlis, A. R. Nerenberg, D. J. Robicsek, L.
1971 McNeely, D. J. Shustik, C. Haglund, J. E.
1970 Greenberg, S. McKee, N. H. Turgeon, E. W. T.
1969 Keystone, J. S. Schoichet, A. J. Muller, P. J.
1968 Halloran, P. F. Vellend, H. French, G. R.
1967 Bach, M. Berger, S. Hilliard, R. I.
1966 Turley, J. J. E. Johnston, K. W.

Douglas, G. J.

1965 Orange, R. P.

Schuman, J. E. J.

Simon, F.
1964 Singer, M. A. Langer, F. Weiser, W. J.
1963 Zweig, S. M. Baumal, R. Sadowski, P. D.
1962 Lipton, I.

Borins, E. F. M.

Lipson, M. H.
1961 Jerry, L. M. Singer, H. N. Tator, C. H.
1960 Dorfman, L. E. Barkin, M. Goldman, B. S.
1959 Wilson, D. R. Baines, A. D. Schachter, H.
1958 Blenkarn, J. D. Rotman, H. H. Norman, M. G.
1957 No information No information No information
1956 Langer, B. Neale, W. F. Bliss, J. Q.
1955 Cohen, M. L. Cohen, G. S. Ehrlich, R. M.
1954 Baird, R. J. Watson, R. J. Humphrey, J. G.
1953 Wigle, E. D. Mustard, J. F. Dawson, J. W.
1952 Hill, F. M. Evans, J. R. Tasker, R. R.
1951 Ramcharan, S. Bogoch, S. Melville, P. H.
1950 Hetherington, R.F. Gove, D. I. Hines, R. M.
1949 Wolfish, M. G. Ezrin, C.

Pearson, F. G.

1948 Yendt, E. R. Sheppard, R. H. Geisler, W. O.
1947 Crookston, J. H. Aszkanazy, C. L. R.

Kalant, N.

1946 Gibson, D. A.

Chang, T. Y.

1945 Clute, K. F. Basmajian, J. V. Kalant, H.
1944 Snider, G. L. Clarke, W. T. W. Horsey, W. J.
1943 Wise, W. _ _
January 1943 Stewart, C. G. Maroosis, J. P. G. Allison, W. G.
July 1943 Tauber, A. S. Smith, H. A. W. Routley, E. F.
1942 Mickler, J. G. _ _
1941 Watt, J. G. _ _
1940 Lane, G. A. Snitman, H. Fraser, T. A.
1939 Copp, D. H. McCulloch, J. C.

Gerred, R. F.

1938 Goggio, A. Tovee, E. B. Borsook, M. E.
1937 Wightman, K. J. R. King, W. L. M. Bagnall, A. W.
1936 Solandt, O. M. Jaimet, C. H. Large, A. M.
1935 Coté, F. H. Chute, A. L. _
1934 Gray, J. C. Kajiyama, T. Dickson, R. C.
1933 Hendry, W. J. Sherman, I. C. Hobbs, G. E.
1932 Aberhart, C. Brandon, K. F. Ferguson, J. K. W.
1931 Taube, H. N. Smith, I. Irvine, A. D.
1930 Bensley, E. H. Dauphinee, J. A. Kergin, F. G.
1929 Harris, L. J. Hames, G. H. Weld, C. B.
1928 Willinsky, B. Shier, J. W. Brooks, E. F.
1927 Borsook, H. Keith, W. S. Killoran, V. A.
1926 Sweet, T. A. Day, I. T. McCormack, N. A.
1925 No information No information No information
1924 No information No information No information
1923 No information No information No information
1922 No information No information No information
1921 No information No information No information
1920 No information No information No information
1919 No information No information No information
1918 No information No information No information
1917 No information No information No information
1916 No information No information No information
1915 No information No information No information
1914 Detweiler, H. K.

Brown, H. E.

Hewitt, S. R. D.

McKenzie, K. G.

Scott, W. A. 

Brown, C. P.

Wookey, H. W.

Brodey, A.

Fletcher, A. A.

Darby, G. E.

Simon, K. M. B.

Irwin, O. M.


McLenahan, R. R. 

McPhedran, F. M.

Wellman, A. L. Breslin, L. J.
1911 Livingstone, J. M.

Christie, N. A.

Eagles, A. S.

Campbell, J. G. A.

Bouck, C.

1910 Watt, J. C.

Barker, P. W.

Follett, J. V.

Butterfield, R. M.
1909 Parker, C. B.

Brown, A. G.

Marcy, W. J. M.

Tytler, W. H.


1908 Richards, G. E.

Buswell, R.

Harkness, J. G.

Robertson, W. A.
1907 Gray, G. C.

Cannon, O.

McVicar, C. S.

Schinbein, A. B.
1906 McNeil, H. M.

Moorhead, A. S.

Holbrook, J. H.

Dickson, E. C.
1905 Lemon, W. S.

Gowland, M. E.

Ford, G.

Merritt, W.
1904 McCulloch, R. J. P

Walker, S. B.

Kinghorn, A.

Anderson, R. W.
1903 Oille, J. A.

Wilson, G. E.

Phillips, J.

Yin, S. C.

Roaf, H. E. 

Saunders, W.P.

Moir, A.

Archer, A. E.

Fletcher, G. W.

Clarkson, F. A.

Carswell, W. A.

McIlwraith, D. G.

Cohoe, B. A.

Cleland, F. A.

Scott, P. L. 

Bell, C. C.

Revell, E. D.

Carder, E. D.

Howland, G. W.
1899 Wells, W.

Gow, J.

Hargrave, H. G.

Piersol, W. H.
1898 _

McCrae, J.

Sutherland, G. A.

Cahoon, F.

White, W. C.

1897 Elliott, J. H.

Yeomans, W. L.

Hume, J. J. C.

Nichol, R.


McCaig, A. S.

Roberts, E. L.

Goldie, W.

Macklin, A. H.

Graef, C.
1895 Merritt, A. K.

Hunter, A. J.

McKay, T. W. G.

McCrae, T.
1894 McCollum, W. J.

Johnson, H. A.

Rutledge, H. N.

Crain, W. E.

Harvie, J. N.

Futcher, T.B.

South, T. E.

Harvey, E. E.

Elliott, W.
1892 Bruce, H. A.

Brown, J. N. E.

Middlebro, T. H.

Gowland, R. H.
1891 Barnhardt, W. N.

McGorman, G

Bollen, P.

Boyd, G.
1890 Barker, L. F.

McFarlane, M. T.

Cullen, T. S.

McGillivray, C. F.

Philip, W. H.

1889 Chambers, G. Collins, J. H. Godfrey, F. E.
1888 Féré, G. A.

Galloway, J.

1887 Ego, A. _ _
1886 Peters, G. A.

Noecker, C. T.

Johnson, D. R.
1885 Howell, J. H.

Hoople, H. N.

Carr, L.

Saunders, R. M.
1884 Clerke, J. W. _ _

Robinson, W. J.

Dolsen, F. J.

_ _

Wallace, R. R.

Duncan, J. T.

_ _
1881 Duncan, J. H. _ _
1880 Cross, W. J.

Bryce, P. H.

Ferguson, J.

1879 Burton, F.

Mills, R. P.

Chappell, W. F.
1878 Griffin, H. S.

Kennedy, G. A.

Meek, H.

Gardiner, J. H.

Bonnar, J. D.

1877 Stuart, W. T. Orr, R. B. Richards, N. D.
1876 McPhedran, A.

Wilson, W. J.

Lackner, H. G.

Bowerman, A. C.
1875 Britton, W.

Eakins, J. E.

White, J.

Bennett, J. H.
1874 Fraser, D. B.

Cameron, I. H.

Brown, O. C.

Shaw, G.

Farewell, A.
Fraser, D.

1873 Close, J. A.

Hagel, S. D.

Beeman, M. I.

Wright, A. H.
1872 Zimmerman, R. Crozier, J. B. _
1871 Forest, W.

Delameter, R. H.

Moore, C. Y.

Henning, N. P.

1870 Greenlees, A. Standish, J.
Williams, A. D.
Burgess, T. J. W.
Wagner, W. J.

Smith, C. M.
Burt, W.

1869 Graham, J. E.

Bentley, T. B.

Humble, C.

McCollum, J. H.

Brown, J. P.

Hunt, R. H.

How, T. C.

1867 _

Sparks, T.
Eccles, F. R.

Palmer, R. N.

McFarlane, N.

Harbottle, R.
Newton, J. H.

1866 Mickle, W. J. McCullough, J. Wadsworth, J. J.
1865 _ Burnham, E. L. G.

McCarthy, J. L. G.

Kitchen, E. E.

1864 McLaughlin, J. W. _ _
1863 Ramsay, W. G. _ _

Dolster, J.

DeGrassi, G. P.

_ _
1861 Hudson, A. Elliott, J. D. _
1860 Bascom, J.

Morton, E. D.

Playter, E.
Ogden, W. W.


Tisdell, F. B.

Martyn, D. H.

1859 Barnhart, C. E. King, J.

Francis, W. F.


Oille, L. S.

Aikens, M. H. Miller, T.