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Medical Care

St George  Health & Wellness Centre

Medical clinic addressing a range of health concerns by appointment. Drop-in available on a first-come, first-served basis.
Open Mon, Thurs, Fri 9-5; Tues, Wed 9-7.
Phone: 416-978-8030


 UTM Health & Counseling Centre

Medical clinic addressing a range of health concerns by appointment.
Open Mon, Tues, Fri 9-5; Wed, Thurs 9-7:30. Phone: 905-828-5255


 OHPSA: Find a Physician

Find a new Primary Care Provider within Toronto/Mississauga. Available through OHPSA Portal page.

Mental Health Support

OHPSA: Personal Counseling

Personal counsellors provide confidential counselling on a wide range of concerns. There is no problem too big or too small. Online appointment booking:


 St George & UTM Wellness Centres

HWC & HCC (see above) also offer psychiatric consultations and personal counselling services for a variety of issues, including sexual assault through the Community Safety Office.


Substance Abuse

Information page with supports for managing substance use problems, such as the Ontario Medical Association Physician Health Program. Addresses concerns regarding professionalism & confidentiality.


CBT Apps

Apps are available to support your CBT practice, such as iCouch CBT and MoodGYM. &

Physical Health Resources

Athletic Facilities

All students are members at U of T’s various fitness facilities, including the Athletic Centre & Hart House at St. George, and the UTM Recreation Athletics & Wellness Centre.


Drop-in Fitness

Drop-in activities & programs are offered free for all U of T students through the St. George Athletic Centre, Hart House, & UTM Department of Physical Education, Athletics & Recreation.



The U of T intramural program is offered to students in all faculties/colleges across the St. George & UTM campuses. Sports include badminton, soccer, hockey, volleyball, hockey, and more.

Academics & Career Support

OHPSA: Career Counseling

Career counsellors available for one-on-one appointments throughout the 4 years, providing a variety of services and resources to aid in career exploration & selection. Phone: 416-978-2764


OHPSA: Academic Coaching & PREP

Develop individualized academic plans one-on-one with an academic coach. For first years, PREP offers the opportunity to collaborate in small group learning communities facilitated by second year students.

Financial Support

Financial Aid Office

Offers scholarships, awards, grant and bursaries for medical students. Provides information about government assistance programs, professional student lines of credit. 


Equity and Diversity

Multi-Faith Centres

Aims to support spiritual well-being & to increase our respect for religious beliefs and practice.

St. George Multi-Faith Centre:

UTM Centre for Student Engagement:


Sexual & Gender Diversity Office

The SGDO provides education, programming, resources and advocacy on sexual and gender diversity for students at all U of T campuses, including LGBTQ counselling via Counseline.


First Nations House

Available at all U of T campuses, First Nations House offers a variety of supports geared towards Aboriginal students, including Elders & Traditional Teachers, financial advising and Aboriginal student groups.


Other Equity Offices

For a list of the University of Toronto’s other equity & diversity resources & offices, see:

Eating Well

St G HWC: Nutrition Counseling

Nutritional counselling with a dietician. By appointment at the Health & Wellness Centre. 

Phone: 416-978-8030


UTM HCC: Nutrition Counseling

Nutritional counselling with a dietician. Drop-in or by appointment at the UTM Health & Counselling Centre. Phone: 905-828-5255 Email:


UTM HCC: Healthy Eating Online

Online resources for nutrition and healthy eating.

Mindfulness Resources

Meds’ Mindfulness Group

Mindfulness Elective (8 week speaker series) running mid-January through March with various speakers and mindfulness meditation incorporated into sessions. E-mail:

Facebook page:


UTM Mindfulness Meditation

Try various mindfulness exercises weekly at free drop-in sessions. 

Wednesdays from 12-1 pm in RAWC multipurpose room B.


St George Mindful Moments

Join free weekly mindfulness meditation and yoga sessions Monday through Fridays at various locations across campus to increase your relaxation and focus.

Wellness Promotion


Organizes monthly wellness seminars and workshops to promote student wellness, academic development, and career exploration in partnership with OPHSA. E-mail:



Faculty of Medicine Student Organizations

The Faculty of Medicine recognizes a variety of student organizations, societies, clubs and interest groups for extracurricular involvement.


Hart House: Weekly Wellness

Weekly Wellness programs designed to help students de-stress, connect with self & others, and find balance. Features Healthy Habit Mondays, Board Game Tuesdays, Mindful Wednesdays & Crafty Thursdays.

Crisis Support

PARO: Professional Association of Resident

24hr crisis intervention  as well as referrals for services including: family physicians, stress management, and drug & alcohol counselling. Confidential toll-free crisis line: 1-866-435-7362


Gerstein Centre

24hr crisis intervention as well as mobile crisis and other mental health services.


Hospital Emergency Department

Students may also visit the closest emergency department for support.