Student life

Student perform at DaffyDil Concert

There are many ways for you to get involved outside of the classroom:

  • Daffydil: sing, dance or help organize our student musical
  • EarthTones : a student talent show which doubles as a fundraiser for international children's charities 


  • Orientation week: join our orientation week team, or assist prospective students in reaching their medical school and health science aspirations by helping out with open house.


  • U of T Medical Society:  the elected governing body of undergraduate medical students that represents medical students to the Faculty of Medicine, alumni, other faculties within the university, the medical profession, and the community at large. The Medical Society organizes a wide variety of student events and is concerned with both academic and non-academic aspects of student life. The Medical Society is also actively involved in serving as a liaison between preclerkship and clerkship students and continues to foster a sense of community within the student body.
  • University of Toronto Medical Journal (UTMJ): Canada's oldest student run medical journal, publishing articles from universities, institutes, organizations, and medical professionals from around the world. Established in 1923, the UTMJ has helped members of the medical community bring interesting and relevant research to the world.
  • The Health, Arts, and Humanities Program: advances a deeper understanding of health, illness, suffering, disability and the provision of health care by creating a community of scholars in the arts, humanities and clinical sciences at the University of Toronto and beyond.
  • ArtBeat: an arts and humanities blog devoted to inspiring and encouraging medical students at the University of Toronto to nourish and express their creativity. It is primarily a student-to-student exchange of ideas, perspectives, and visual and literary texts which will provide students with a medium for introspection and reflection.

Student clubs and interest groups

Check out the range of student clubs and interest groups that are recognized by our Medical Society (MedSoc).

Student Societies

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