Summer Research Programs

***Please note that the CREMS programs are only open to current University of Toronto students and supervisors***


There has been a very important change to the CREMS Summer Program outlined below. Please read carefully and contact Lisa in the CREMS office if you have further questions.

To: Presidents of First and Second Year Medical School Classes; All prospective CREMS Summer Student Supervisors

From: Neil Sweezey, MD, FRCPC;  Director, CREMS Programs

Re: Modification of Process – Selection of CREMS Summer Applications

I write to inform you that the selection progress for CREMS Summer Program applications is being modified for 2017 to ensure consistency of process and equal chances to apply. In previous years, so-called “self-initiated” projects (for which proposed supervisors have pre-identified a specific student) were subjected to the same processes for adjudication and selection for funding as all other applications. However, these projects were not listed in the catalogue posted on the web and hence were not open to application from students other than the pre-identified student.   Moving forward, all proposed projects will be posted and open to application from all first or second year medical students in good academic standing.  In the final analysis, the proposed supervisor will make the selection of the student to be included in the final application package submitted for adjudication in competition, but the onus will be on the supervisor to interview all qualified applicants.



CREMS Summer Research Program provides opportunities each year for medical students enrolled at the University of Toronto (U of T) to participate in a full-time, 10 to 12 week summer research project between their first and second year, or second and third year of medical school, under the supervision of a faculty mentor.

Students may choose from a list of supervisors and projects available on the CREMS website in February, or have a choice of their own research projects and supervisors. Unlike in the Research Scholar Program, the chosen supervisor is not restricted to one appointed to a graduate department at U of T.


The CREMS Summer Program is open to first- and second-year medical students as well as students with a Master's or PhD degree. MD/PhD students are eligible to apply for a one-time CREMS Summer Program, either between first and second year or second and third year of their medical training.

All students will be notified if successful in April/May 2017.


The Summer Program formally runs for a continuous 10 to 12 week period from late May or early June to mid- or late August. You will work on the research project on a full-time basis, in addition to attending a short series of four to five mandatory seminars during the course of the summer. Seminars will feature a variety of topics related to biomedical research given by distinguished members of the Faculty of Medicine.


A stipend of $5,500 is included; CREMS will contribute $2,750 and the supervisor will be responsible for $2,750. The supervisor is also responsible for any extraneous study or travel expenses.

Application process

Students will choose from a list of available projects posted under Faculty Listing.

The student is required to submit an application to the CREMS Programs Office only once you and your supervisor have been selected by the adjudication team for funding. When you are notified that you are successful, a student application form will be sent to you. Please do not contact CREMS in order to obtain the application. The application should be prepared in consultation with your supervisor, not by your supervisor. A student curriculum vitae (CV) is not required. The student application is due to the CREMS office no later than March 20 2017.

The Summer Research Program does not operate on a first come, first served basis. All applications submitted by the deadline will be reviewed, ranked and selected by the CREMS Programs Director and a review panel consisting of at least three other faculty advisors.

The number of available positions offered depends on the availability of funding for that year; usually, 50-60 students/supervisor pairs are funded. Successful and non-successful applicants will be notified by early May. Please note that in order to qualify for the following summer studentship awards, you must apply to the CREMS Summer Program by completing the CREMS application form before the deadline. We will submit your application for consideration on your behalf to these foundations:

  • Canadian Institutes of Health Research
  • Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario Summer Medical Student Award
  • Mach-Gaensslen Foundation of Canada Studentship

Requirements for successful completion

Upon completion of the Summer Program, students will be required to submit via email to the CREMS Director:

  1. Formal project abstract fit for publication
  2. Supervisor Evaluation Form
  3. One-page Informal Report about your research experience

These reports are due at the end of September. Moreover, students are required to participate in the annual Medical Student Research Day held in February of the following year, by submitting an abstract and presenting a poster of their findings. Successful completion of the Summer Program will be evaluated by the CREMS Program Director and at least one other reviewer.


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