U of T Launches Black Student Application Program to Strengthen Diversity in Medical School

Dr. Suzanne Stewart delivers Dr. Peggy Hill Memorial Lecture on Indigenous Health

Dr. Peggy Hill Memorial Lecture on Indigenous Health underscores the critical role of social determinants of health

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A new curriculum for the first two years of the MD Program launches

Message from the Vice Dean

Dr. Patricia Houston,

Vice Dean, MD Program


Welcome to the University of Toronto MD Program. We are proud to support our students during their journey to becoming future health care leaders.

Our program prepares students to care for their patients collaboratively and holistically, as part of a health care team. We are continuously innovating, engaging and looking for ways to make our program better to ensure our graduates are responsive to the evolving needs and expectations of Canadians.

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U of T MD Program
Apply for the MD program but were unsuccessful in receiving an offer? Here's how to troubleshoot your application:
U of T MD Program
MD applicants, @UofT is Top 12 in the world - and living in #Canada is pretty great
U of T MD Program
RT @MedPsychNews: Do you care for patients with complex needs? Sign up for next round of MPA Collaborative Care courses

Student Assistance

Information to help guide you through an urgent situation or crisis.

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