Students take turns in the “deteriorating patient simulation” hot seat

A patient drops by your clinic without an appointment. You know him to be a friendly, sociable person who has scizophrenia that he manages well. But today he doesn’t seem to be himself. You’re concerned for him, but your schedule is fully booked. What do you do?
Apr 12 / 2018

U of T Working for MD Student Success

Nine MD students from the University of Toronto found spots in the second round of residency matching released today by the Canadian Resident Matching Service (CaRMS). Still, there are not enough residency spots available to qualified medical school graduates in Canada, an issue that medical schools and students from U of T and beyond are working hard to address across the system. In the 2018 MD class, 20 students remain unmatched.
Apr 11 / 2018

IGNITE to Empower Future MD Students

Mar 16 / 2018

Faces of U of T Medicine: Women of 2T0 & 2T1

In honour of International Women's Day, MD students Yezarni Wynn and Asia van Buuren put together a campaign to celebrate some of their classmates. The women featured in the profiles below were nominated by their classmates for their friendship, their passion, their commitment to their communities, and so much more.   CHLOE BROWN
Mar 8 / 2018
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