Summer Mentorship Program

Dr. Ho Ping Kong Giving A Lecture At Toronto Western Hospital

The Summer Mentorship Program (SMP) gives high school students of Indigenous or African ancestry a chance to explore health sciences at the University of Toronto over four weeks in July. The SMP has a history in the Temerty Faculty of Medicine that dates back more than 25 years.

The online SMP Curriculum allows you to:

  • explore health science careers through engaging online workshops, synchronous and asynchronous activities, and a special group project
  • learn from and connect to a variety of health science faculty and professionals
  • enjoy valuable mentoring experiences from students in professional health science programs
  • earn a credit towards your high school diploma - Science, Grade 12, University / College Preparation (SNC4M). (note: you need to have completed a Grade 10 Science, Academic or any Grade 11 university (U), university/college (M), or college (C) preparation course in the science curriculum.
  • gain a greater understanding of whether a career in health science is right for you

Applying to the SMP

Apply now if you would like to be considered for the SMP 2022. The SMP has had more than 1000 students complete the program over the last 28 years - and many of our alumni have since entered professional faculties and health care professions. The SMP continues to create learning environments that are safe and equitable for Black and Indigenous students. To further address the underrepresentation of Black men & Indigenous peoples in the health sciences, we highly encourage these two groups to apply to the program. 

There are additional resources for Indigenous students, and you will have the opportunity to self-identify on the application if you are an Indigenous student. Please e-mail the Office of Indigenous Health if you would like more information about the supports that exist in the Temerty Faculty of Medicine for Indigenous students.

What happens after SMP?

After you have completed the SMP, we continue to work with you to help you discover what's next on your path to success. 

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