Student mistreatment

Dealing with threatening, concerning, or unprofessional behaviour (including discrimination and harassment)

If you are concerned about immediate or impending harm to yourself or someone else, please seek immediate assistance from onsite security or other authorities. If there is no onsite security, call 911.

Once you have dealt with any immediate concerns, we encourage you to consider addressing the issue you experienced using the flowchart below.

See further information below about the reporting an incident and the full protocol that explains how we handle reports of student mistreatment and unprofessional behaviour.

Reporting mistreatment flowchartDownload the reporting mistreatment flowchart (PDF).

Incident reporting for students

To report an incident, please fill out the Incident Report Form online.

Can I speak to someone else instead of the people listed in the chart above?

Yes, you can choose to make a report to an individual involved in the MD Program who is not listed above. However, in such a case, the recipient of the report is strongly advised to help redirect you to a MD Program leader as listed in the flowchart. For details, see the Protocol for UME students to report mistreatment and other kinds of unprofessional behaviour . This protocol is for your protection and theirs. Many situations involving harmful behaviour are complicated and require detailed knowledge of policies, procedures, and resources.

What will you do to help me, or to resolve the issue?

If you make a report to a MD Program leader identified in the chart above, he/she will provide guidance to you, offer you access to resources and services as appropriate, consult university and/or hospital policies (as relevant) to determine the appropriate steps to be taken, and, if warranted, set in motion a formal investigation process. You should be aware that in most instances, issues cannot be fully addressed by one person alone. Therefore, it is likely the person you make the report to will enlist the involvement of others, with your permission.

Will anything change in the long-run?

We will create a summary report of incidents submitted through this process annually which omits information that identifies you, the reporter. Incidents are recorded for statistical analysis to allow the Faculty of Medicine to monitor the health of the learning environment and make targeted changes over time for the benefit of students and other members of the Faculty community.

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