Student Mistreatment

We are here for you, feel free to contact us if you want to discuss, disclose, or report something that has happened.

Call 911 or seek immediate assistance from onsite security or other authorities if you are concerned about impending harm to yourself or others. Contact a designated MD Program leader only after your safety is ensured.

We place the utmost importance on your safety and well-being. If you have experienced or witnessed behaviour that you perceive or suspect as being mistreatment you can discuss, disclose, or report the concerning behaviour. Please come forward even if all you would like to do is talk. 

We encourage all members of the Faculty of Medicine Community, including students, to practice allyship by disclosing or reporting mistreatment witnessed in the learning environment, even if not experienced directly.

Student Assistance

The Student Assistance section is intended as a quick reference for medical students at the University of Toronto who are experiencing an urgent or crisis situation. This section provides information and links to resources on key issues that may arise, but does not connect you directly to assistance.