MD Program

Research opportunities at MAM

The MD Program strives to provide experiences and opportunities that prepare students for excellence and lifelong learning. Scholarly ability, one of the competencies described in the CanMEDS Physician Competency Framework, enables physicians to take evidence-informed approaches to care and contribute to the creation and dissemination of medical knowledge. As medical research advances quicker than ever, the importance of scholarly literacy and research capability for physicians is at its highest.

Engaging in research opportunities during preclerkship enables medical students to create a strong foundation for future engagement in the progress of medicine. Mississauga Academy of Medicine (MAM) students have access to the CREMS Programs, opportunities available at U of T’s affiliated health institutions, and more.

Research opportunities for MAM MD students

In addition to the opportunities described above, MAM students have access to research and quality improvement opportunities available through Trillium Health Partners (THP) and its affiliates. The process is as follows:

  • Project Proposal Period – faculty are invited to submit their projects to the Coordinator
  • Application Period – projects are posted to the Catalogue; students send applications directly to faculty
  • Selection Period – faculty select a student participant following application review, etc.

Information about the available projects will be posted on a comprehensive repository, including details such as project duration, start date and stipend (where applicable). This repository of opportunities can be accessed on Portal or on THPhub. Note that the catalogue is scheduled to be updated in October for projects from fall thru spring and in April for summer projects.

For more information about research opportunities at MAM, please review the Program Guidelines for MAM Research Opportunities:

For more information about other scholarly opportunities, please contact the Research Projects Coordinator ( directly.

Faculty information

Physicians whose projects would benefit from the support of a medical student are encouraged to submit their projects as soon as they are available. Contact the Research Projects Coordinator ( to request the application form or if you have any questions. Additional details for faculty are available in the Program Schedule and Faculty sections of the Program Guidelines [PDF].

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