MD Program


Faces of U of T Medicine: Spandana Amarthaluru

In the next several weeks, students across all four years of the MD Program will be invited to share their opinions about medical education at U of T through the Independent Student Analysis (ISA).
Jan 10 / 2019

Shining a Light on Support for Students

According to the Canadian Federation of Medical Students, between one-third to half of all learners experience burn out, depending on their stage of training.
Jan 10 / 2019

BSAP Opens Opportunities to Black MD Students

Growing up, Chantal Phillipswas not sure whether medical school was for her. It wasn’t because she wasn’t interested, but because she couldn’t see anyone like herself practising medicine.
Jan 9 / 2019

Faces of U of T Medicine: Yesh Rai and Arshia Javidan

As medical students, Yesh Raiand Arshia Javidan know a few things about evaluations. 
Dec 5 / 2018