MD Program Financial Resource Explorer

Medicine can be a challenging yet rewarding program in more ways than one. The UME team aims to support our students with both resources and tools to ensure a smooth transition into the program so you may focus your attention on what matters – getting the most out of your medical education. Take a look at our first module in the MD Program Financial Resource Explorer series, a financial literacy tool aimed at medical students.
Mar 4 / 2020

MD Students Explore ‘Artificial Identities’ in 2020 Theatrical Production of Daffydil

As one of the oldest remaining traditions on campus at the University of Toronto, Daffydil is a medical student organized theatrical production that has taken place annually for more than 100 years.The production draws on the creative talents of over 70 medical students to act, direct, script-write, compose, choregraph and more to pull the show together and doubles as a fundraiser for cancer research, as all proceeds of Daffydil are donated to the Canadian Cancer Society.
Feb 19 / 2020

Black History in the Making at U of T Medicine

It’s Black History Month and we’re celebrating all the incredible Black researchers, students, faculty and staff at U of T Medicine. From aerospace medicine to local activism and advocacy, our people are making extraordinary contributions to health care, science and their communities. They spoke to writer Julia Soudat about what they’re working on and what drives their work.
Feb 10 / 2020

Myth-busting the CaRMS Process

About 6,000 medical students a year use the Canadian Resident Matching Service (CaRMS) to find postgraduate medical training programs. As one might expect, countless sites online offer information about CaRMS, and some of it is inaccurate. To help students find the best information, Dr. Laila Premji has created a list of common misconceptions about CaRMS and provided helpful insights into the process.
Feb 6 / 2020