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Artificial Intelligence Is Helping Health Systems Perform Better

U of T graduate students have found that artificial intelligence can be used not just to diagnose patients, but to improve decision-making across the field of health care – a development that could profoundly improve the delivery of health care and sustainability of our health systems.
Mar 6 / 2019

New Elective in Addiction Medicine to Tackle Stigma and Place Students in the Community

Medical students at the University of Toronto will soon be able to immerse themselves in a week of experiential learning about addiction medicine, thanks in large part to efforts by one of their own.
Feb 22 / 2019

Faces of U of T Medicine: Chantal Phillips and Semir Bulle

The Faculty of Medicine’s Black Student Application Program (BSAP), which began in 2017, provides a more culturally safe admission pathway for Black students to medical school.
Jan 11 / 2019