Three U of T Researchers Celebrated on Canadian Stamps

Three eminent University of Toronto researchers and physicians are being celebrated today as part of a launch of a commemorative stamp series by Canada Post. Drs. M. Vera Peters, Ernest McCulloch and James Till are among six Canadian researchers and physicians being recognized in the “Medical Groundbreakers” issue from the Crown Corporation. 
Sep 14 / 2020

Making Change: How a Tragic Loss Inspired Two New Awards for Indigenous MD Students

The Nathan Banerji-Kearney Award for Indigenous Students is a new needs-based bursary in the MD program.
Sep 11 / 2020

The Mission Continues

As we enter a new academic year, we should do so with one word in mind: “commitment.” Commitment to each other, our roles, our communities and to our shared mission. To those who are joining this Faculty for the first time, welcome! To those who are returning, welcome back! Together, we will ensure nothing slows down the Faculty of Medicine … not even a global pandemic.
Sep 9 / 2020

More Than the Sum …

It’s easy to focus on the individual elements that comprise medical education, and for many decades, that’s exactly what we did. If you successfully completed a series of courses, you moved on to the next year. Successfully complete a few years, you got a degree. Successfully complete your residency, you entered into independent practice. 
Aug 19 / 2020