Remembering MD/PhD Student Mohammad Asadi-Lari

Mohammad Asadi-Lari is remembered by his peers as a compassionate individual who was known for making others feel better when they were down. Active in many projects and organizations, it was clear to many that Asadi-Lari was a change maker in the making.
Jan 9 / 2020

New Wellness Ambassadors Program Reminds Students that Wellness is for Everyone

In  a patient-centric profession focused on treating and monitoring the well-being of others, physicians and medical trainees can sometimes forget that their wellness matters, too. To help reinforce the lesson that wellness is for a everyone, a student-run group called Student Health Initiatives and Education (SHINE) is preparing to launch a new pilot program. It will position trained medical students to serve as ‘wellness ambassadors' who can help their peers navigate the variety of resources available to them. Second-year MD students Natalie Phung, SHINE’s Wellness Ambassador program director, and Anna Chen, SHINE’s general coordinator, discuss the purpose of the program, how students can access services and why they were motivated to develop a peer wellness resource navigation.
Dec 11 / 2019

U of T Named Among Top 10 Medical Schools in the World

Times Higher Education ranking places U of T Medicine sixth globally for clinical, preclinical and health program.
Nov 19 / 2019

Lack of Health Data Hurting Black Canadians, Say Researchers

The health of Black Canadian women may be endangered by a lack of data, according to a first-of-its-kind paper from the University of Toronto.
Nov 13 / 2019