Distinction Between Disclosure and Reporting

The MD Program Student Mistreatment Protocol distinguishes between disclosures and reporting: 

  • A student submits information to the university about the conduct of an individual through the disclosure form or directly to an academic leader
  • The student will be contacted and options about how to proceed are discussed.
  • Once a student has reviewed options during disclosure they can decide to move forward with reporting.
  • Reporting means the University will take formal action by reviewing and potentially acting on the information. This could result in remedial or disciplinary action taken against the individual responsible for the concerning behaviour

The decision to disclose and the decision to report are separate decisions made by the student, except in cases where the Faculty of Medicine and/or affiliated health care institution is required to take steps, including out of health or safety concerns, as required by law or university regulation.

Anonymous Disclosures: If the decision is to proceed with an anonymous disclosure or report, you not will be able to participate in the review process or receive information about its outcome. Read more about anonymous disclosures