Admissions blog: Mythbusters - what to study before Medicine

Jan 6, 2017

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I was told that I could study in any subject area for my bachelor's degree before applying to the to MD program– even if it doesn’t seem to relate to medicine at all. Is this correct?

This myth is TRUE.

At the University of Toronto MD program, we believe that there are many paths to becoming a successful physician. We accept applicants from a variety of different academic backgrounds into our program every year. Students must complete at least 3 years of a Canadian bachelor's degree, or a the equivalent of a 4 year bachelor's degree outside of Canada to be eligible to apply, but this bachelor's degree can be in any area of study. This means you can pursue a degree in Engineering, Business, Humanities, Social Sciences, Kinesiology, etc. What’s more is that all of these degrees are considered equally in the application process - there is no preference given to a Science degree over a Humanities degree, for instance. Whether you're a History specialist or a Life Sciences major – if you're passionate about Medicine and you meet the requirements – we encourage you to apply!

No matter what degree you choose, you will need to take 2 full course equivalents (FCEs) in Life Sciences and 1 FCE in Social Sciences, Humanities or Languages. Please review our admissions site for more information on our academic requirements.

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