Frequently Asked Questions

MCAT: If I don’t meet the minimum MCAT marks, should I apply?

Although it varies from cycle to cycle, at present we are adhering to the minimum MCAT requirements due to application numbers.

MCAT: If the MCAT is written in September, the scores will not be available by the OMSAS deadline. Can I still apply?


MCAT: Is there financial assistance available to help with the cost of writing MCAT?

Yes. The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) and the Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada (AFMC) are piloting a new fee assistance program for Canadian examinees in financial need who register for the Medical College Admission Test® (MCAT®) during the 2018 testing year. Applications will open on November 1, 2017. For more on this program and to apply, visit the AAMC website.

MCAT: What are the minimum scores required on each component of the MCAT to be considered?

MCAT 2015: Minimum scores of 125 in each of the four sections are required. Old MCAT (written prior to April 2015): Minimum scores of 9 in each of the three sections are required. Note: The writing sample score will not be used. We do not use a total MCAT score in our assessment.

NON-ACADEMICS: Can I send an update to my ABS?

No. The activities listed are limited to those prior to the application deadline.

NON-ACADEMICS: How much volunteer and research experience do I need?

There is nothing that you ‘need’ in the Autobiographical Sketch. You will not be penalized for interest in the clinical side of medicine, rather than research, or vice versa. There is no required number of activities or required number of hours. Some candidates may have a large number of activities among which they share their time; others may have a few activities to which they devote a large amount of time.

NON-ACADEMICS: How should I choose my references?

Referees should have extensive knowledge of you and be in a position to make reasonable statements concerning how best you fit the four clusters. You may wish to vary your choice of referees to include those with knowledge of different aspects of your activities, both academic and non-academic. It is in your interest to select referees who are able to give an objective assessment. Applications from candidates with letters from friends, family, or family friends or colleagues of close family members will not be considered.

NON-ACADEMICS: If a letter arrives at OMSAS on October 2 is it okay? It is only one day after the deadline.

Any materials submitted after the October 1, 2016 deadline will be considered late and the application will be marked as incomplete so it will not proceed to file review.

NON-ACADEMICS: What if people who can verify an activity on my ABS are no longer available?

You are expected to make a reasonable effort to verify all major activities listed in the Autobiographical Sketch. It is understandable that a few verifiers may be out of touch, or no longer with the organization.  Please use common sense and do the best you can.

NON-ACADEMICS: When I pick the activities/achievements to write about for the three brief ABS statements, is it better if they were medically-related or if they happened overseas?

No. The most important thing is that the three activities show evidence of the attribute clusters. The nature or location of the activity is not relevant to the assessment.

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