Frequently Asked Questions

INTERVIEWS AND OFFERS: When are offers made?

Offers of admission will be start to be sent out on May 9, 2016

INTERVIEWS AND OFFERS: When can I call for feedback on my file?

We do not provide personal feedback on applications.

INTERVIEWS AND OFFERS: When do interviews take place?

Interviews take place between February and April. Applicants are notified by e-mail on an ongoing basis, as the files are reviewed.

INTERVIEWS AND OFFERS: When should I call to ask about the status of my application?

We are not able to provide status information on your application.

INTERVIEWS AND OFFERS: When should I call to find out if any new offers are being made?

We are not able to release information regarding offer status.

INTERVIEWS AND OFFERS: When will I know the status of my application?

We may send refusal letters and invitations to interviews beginning in January. Both will continue to be sent until the last interview date, as the files are reviewed. 

INTERVIEWS AND OFFERS: Why can't I find out my position on the waitlist?

It is our policy not to disclose an applicant's position on the waitlist.

Is there a time limit to complete the weekly feedback quiz?

There is no time "limit" to complete the quiz; however, it is best to do the quiz in one sitting. Students are expected to complete the quizzes before the deadline in order for their results to be uploaded to the Learner Chart.

Mastery exercise question review for Foundations Curriculum students

Faculty will provide a debrief or ‘teaching point’ for questions answered poorly by the class. Neither the question nor answers will be released. This is to maintain the integrity of the exam bank, and to ensure that students focus on the learning objective addressed by the question or the learning gap identified as opposed to the question itself. 

Students who performed poorly on a mastery exercise and wish to review their mastery exercise, can contact the course director and make an appointment for a one-on-one discussion within two-weeks of the results being posted.

MCAT: How is the MCAT used in the application process?

The MCAT score is not included in an overall academic calculation, but is used as a threshold. Applying with marks that fall below the minimum required will jeopardize the success of your application. The MCAT must be written prior to the application deadline. Applications without MCAT scores will not be considered.

Only MCATs written within five years of the application deadline will be considered. You must release to the MCAT score to OMSAS each application cycle.

Only your most recent MCAT scores will be considered. Please note that this policy is subject to change.

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