Placement Employer WSIB Form

Process for Workplace Safety and Insurance Board coverage:

The Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development (MAESD) has implemented a new streamlined process for students enrolled in an approved Ontario university program that requires them to complete placements in a workplace as part of their program of study. Students that are completing placements that are not required for the completion of their academic program of study, but that are for academic credit, are also covered for workplace insurance through policies maintained by the University of Toronto.

WSIB coverage is provided, for the cost of benefits provided to Student Trainees, by the MAESD or the University of Toronto, for students who are enrolled in an approved program at the University of Toronto, Faculty of Medicine and participating in unpaid work placements with employers who are either compulsorily covered or have voluntarily applied to have Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) coverage.

ACE-INA Insurance coverage is also provided for Student Trainees enrolled in an approved program at University of Toronto, Faculty of Medicine and participating in unpaid work placements with employers that are not required to have compulsory coverage under the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act.

In the event of an injury to a Student Trainee, please notify Roxanne Wright by email at or by telephone 416-978-0952 immediately by completing and returning the UofT Accident Form (link below). The coordinator will ensure that the appropriate reporting protocol is followed based on insurance type. In the event that the workplace insurance is paid for by the MTCU there will be additional forms for you to complete.


By signature of an authorized representative here under we confirm our understanding of our responsibility to protect Student Trainees from health and safety hazards in our workplace by providing a safe working environment, health and safety orientation prior to exposure of hazards and appropriate supervision during their placement.  We also confirm our commitment to immediately report any workplace injuries or disease to the student’s university and follow WSIB and ACE-INA reporting procedures found in the MTCU “Guidelines for Workplace Insurance for Postsecondary Students of Publicly Assisted Institutions on Unpaid Work Placements.”

A signed copy of this document will be sent to the University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine MD Program Office placement coordinator.

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